How I Pack for Europe (KonMari) #Germany #vacation

This is how I pack for a two week excursion to Europe with JUST a have on suitcase and backpack purse (what is demonstrated is just for the airplane). This is the most minimal I have packed for a excursion like this, and I am fairly impressed at how light it turned out. I would like I could have used extra time on filming & modifying this video (it experienced so a great deal prospective to be brilliant!) but I was basically in a rush to finish lol. Hope this evokes you for the summer months vacation time! Catch up with my travels on Instagram: @lavendaire

Where I went in Europe: London, Iceland, Nice, Rome, Milan and Berlin

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  1. FAQ – I'm in Europe w/o a computer so I can't add this to the description, but here are some quick answers to your questions.

    Where I'm going in Europe: Iceland (layover), London, Nice, Rome, Milan, Berlin

    How I style: check my Instagram for my outfits! @lavendaire

    Am I vlogging? yes! And also snapchatting the trip everyday: lavendaire

    Where I got my suitcase: Shilin Night Market in Taipei (no brand)

    Where I got my backpack: Harajuku in Japan (no brand)

    Where I got my Vermeer journal: Frick Museum in NYC when Girl w a Pearl Earring was showing (Listen to my podcast: "There is Magic & Serendipity in the world" for that full story hehe)

    What isn't shown is what I wore to the plane: an additional outfit of sweats + jacket + sneakers. So in total I brought 2 shoes, not 1.

    Any other questions, leave them below. ^_^ thanks guys!!

  2. I was this close to getting a packing cube set after watching a bunch of these packing videos but after watching this, I'm just going to fold my stuff konmarie style. We're hitting 6 different overnight destinations, and that's a lot of unpacking/repacking, and the last thing I want to do is dig though a compressed packing cube and then have to shove everything back in when we check out. Super easy to pick out outfits too!

  3. that plastic toiletry bag would be considered too big for some airports. I was asked to put everything in a plastic bag offered by an airport.

  4. Just watched this, in the uk your make up (mascara, lipstick, gels, foundation)would need to go in the 1 litre clear bag – AND you would on,y be allowed one bag. Your clear bag also looks too big (Manchester airport would have a fit,) BUT I love your packing and folding!

  5. This was a really great video. Very stylish yet practical and totally do-able. I'd only suggest that the cap holding your bras be placed at the top closer to the handle so they are less likely to be crushed or lose shape.

  6. When it is summer in Europe and hot, you needed more shirts as you sweat the whole day. If you will visit Churches, short is not advisable. I travelled like a minimalist in Italy last week. I ended up buying extra shirts and a dress because it was terribly warm.

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