How I Make My “Famous” Tortilla Española #Spain #travel

Can I cook? I don’t know! But I do love to make tortilla! ❤️In this video I make my “famous” (or was it infamous?) tortilla española (aka Spanish omelette) with a lots of help from Yoly.

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📽 How to make patatas bravas –

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* This video is vertical because I originally shot it for Instagram TV. But given lots of people only watch my videos on YouTube, I decided to upload it here as well. Don’t worry, it’s not a trend 🙂

Stay safe and stay home 🥝#QuedateEnCasa


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your quarantine dinner with us. I never really knew how to make a tortilla española but I eat them all the time when I'm in Spain. Since, I am planning to move to Spain next year, I figure these are important skills. Here in California, we too are making delicious quarantine food. And this brings a question to you. The one thing that I'm probably going to miss the most in Spain is tortillas mexicanas. Is it possible, maybe in more normal times to find tortillas mexicanas in Spain? Or masa de mais to make them yourself?

  2. That looked great James, I just wanted to try it. I make Spanish Tortilla, shown to me by a Spanish chef, but he didn't use onion, so I don't use onion. I will try putting onion in it and cook it tonight. Thank you, loved the interaction between yourself and Yoly.

  3. Thank you for this! I made my first tortilla Española today in my own quarantine kitchen. You have many viewers out here that are pulling for you and Spain as a whole. I look forward to more info about the upcoming Devour cookbook! Hang in there!

  4. My husband and I have been watching your videos since early January in preparation for a trip we had planned to take in June. It looks like we might not be doing that, but we plan to come sometime and we want you to know how much we have enjoyed your videos! We keep watching and are glad to see you well and cooking! We want to buy the cookbook. Let us know when it comes out. Stay safe.

  5. Hola, James y Yoli, Disfruto mucho tuyos videos. Me gustaría apoyarte y tu empresa. Baja me una nota cuando la colección de recetas está finalizado. Best wishes from Minneapolis!

  6. Hi, just wanted to say I made your tortilla tonight and it was really tasty! After watching your video I typed up the recipe and followed it to the letter. My father (who I am self isolating with) also enjoyed it. Thank you!

  7. I enjoyed your tortilla patatas lesson. I find cooking is therapeutic when spending so much time at home. I, as usual, enjoyed your interactions and humor. Thanks for the smiles, both yours and mine.

  8. Made 2 of those tortillas while using your video as a guide. They came out very well. I did cheat a bit, using Tonkatsu sauce as a topping.

    Hope you all are safe and keep the videos coming!

  9. Great fun. I feel that the potatoes and onions should cook at a lower heat…suave. not fried…just my experience…(and I know there are hundreds of ways to cook this classic Spanish staple) I totally love this video. i am going to share it on ,my facebook page for my friends so they get an idea of what I have been raving about!

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