HOW BLACKS vs. WHITES Are living IN SOUTH AFRICA | Langa Township – Cape Town Vlog four

Cape Town is a person of the most lovely destinations I have been to – but I can’t deny how unhappy I felt to tour the Langa Township, which is an case in point of how quite a few black South Africans live. It’s a stark comparison to the wealthy, white facet of Cape Town that we have been making the most of so significantly on our trip. This separation is a consequence of the lingering results of apartheid (segregation), which only finished 26 several years back.
But 1st, examine out this brilliant regional current market we discovered this morning! It’s referred to as the Neighbourgoods Sector and we discovered so significantly yummy food and cool regional items.


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  1. Best video yet! — super informative and well done~
    Interestingly, we also see a similar phenomena here in the States — Black folks having a much higher likelihood of continuing to live in or near areas where they grew up, even after they've "made it". My people trying to give back!

    Love this channel!

  2. I really like that you are showing this part of Cape Town. I’m from Cape Town so I am familiar with its reality but sometimes think that the rest of the world only knows Camps Bay and wine farms and are not aware of the fact that the effects of apartheid are still very present today.

  3. Your video is the very best video I have seen on South Africa coming from a African American perspective. I am thinking about moving to SA, but the one thing that stands in the way is it's terrible past and what still remains today. I'm from California and am currently living in Accra Ghana, I have been here for two years. I have been considering moving somewhere else such as Kenya or SA. We'll see what happens. Thank you again so much for you informative video!

  4. This information is not correct for the time … As after the white government fell most white people lost their jobs in favour of black workers … The info with percentages is completely wrong please don't believe that the fact that people live in township's is because of government. Not race … (Proudly South African)

  5. I like the fact you went straight to the townships to see for your self the real south africa , all of the people who say you were lucky thy did not robe you 99.9% thy never went to townships ,bcz any where in the world you not safe & thy always asociate crime with race here south africa haahaaa bcz we live in a racebow nation

  6. So, just like everywhere, the white section is beautiful and prosperous while the black section is impoverished and in ruins. But, it's because of segregation? Maybe if more whites moved to the black townships they would be better?

  7. life isn't easy for anybody, every house bears its cross, but responsibility also begins at home, and if you don`t have a home, go to the bank and apply for a loan and find out how it works, remember if you get that loan you will have to pay it back with interest for the next 30 odd years, + property tax for the rest of your life, please remember the golden rule, RESPONSIBILITY ! then you are set .

  8. Sadly, you are so desperately incorrect. Black people choose to live in the conditions they do even though they get all the jobs. They do not pay electricity or water. So they live in the lap of luxury due to not paying for anything. Please do your homework next time.

  9. Please god stop blaming everyone else (especially whites) for all your problems. Every race, nationality and religion has had major hardships yet for the most part they've endured, conquered and thrived. It's time to make a change and that change will never happen as long as you keep this self pity woah is attitude going.

  10. typical black american thinks they know everything about racism when they know nothing. you see everything in black and white and not personality, class, integrity etc. You act like the blacks living in the townships werent living like that before the whites came 600 years ago. Go visit any other black country and see for yourself. majority of ALL black countries live like this and most don't feel sorry for themselves. blacks are more connected to the earth and don't need the frivolities the whites need. It's not that big a deal to most. And to the ones it is a big deal to they leave and do differently. Quit spreading your hate. SA is ran by blacks and has been for a long time so if you have a problem then blame that. Nelson Mandela caused so many problems for everyone as a teen and only righted himself in his old age. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Also, watch any british documentary on poor people and see what classism really is. It's not black vs white. So many poor low class people in the west who are white. Probably the majority. JUSt like every other country.

  11. I'm from S.A, and currently living in cpt. I just wanna say township tours in itself are fucked up. Visiting ppl and looking at them like it's a zoo. It still treats them as 'the other'. I could go on. Anyway, I respect that you saw the economic separation in this city. And how it is still an insanely racist town

  12. Went to South Africa 4 times. I visited Houts Bay, Wine Farms and other near cities and I agree to some extent. There are poor whites SA, you must go and see for yourself. I found both, black and whites being nice to and even partied together. Mzoly restaurant was so cool. But extreme parties from both sides are dividing the country much more further.

  13. She's very brave to go into the townships. Perhaps if black people stopped breeding like rabbits, parents didn't abandon their children thus breaking up families, they didn't have a victim mentality and most importantly of all, if the government didn't steal from the people and actually helped the poor, then South Africa wouldn't be the shithole it is now. Germany and Japan were completely devastated after WW2 but they rebuilt thanks to the resourcefulness of their people and within 15 years they were back at the top again. But this stupid, corrupt black government has built fuckall, instead stole the money forced their BEE policies into every aspect of society and now SA is just another fucked up, tin pot African country. An embarrassment.

  14. Funny how things in countries like this always worked better under segregation, even the economy suffers. Blacks are very unproductive low iq people as an overall group, they're obsessed with instant satisfaction, thats why they're lazy, rape and abuse drugs at such a high rate. Blacks are incapable of building their own successful nation, all they do is wait for whites to build one then whine and cry at us in hopes they can guilt whites into taking care of their usless selves. The world would be better with no blacks or browns, if light skinned asians and caucasians were the only ones on the planet we would have already colonized mars and we would have a cure for everything.

  15. Great video and it remind me of the state, but the only different we have mix folk's and the one that keep a job and make decent money live better and the folk's that live off the government and welfare are in the project and the environment is horrible..

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