How attractions are re-opening in Spain and Portugal plus life working at Tiqets with Jaume Vidal #Spain #travel

Jaume Vidal, Tiqets Regional Manager joins me today to discuss how Spain and Portugal are reopening tourist attractions amidst the coronavirus pandemic. He also shares with us what it is really like working at Tiqets. He explains how the Tiqets platform works and how it helps travelers find new attractions and events to explore. He explains why he believes Portugal fared better than Spain during the coronavirus pandemic and how the pandemic has impacted international tourist travel. He discusses how Barcelona venues are communicating their safety and security measures to reassure travelers to visit attractions and how the venues are promoting to local markets. Jaume also shares what it’s really like to work at Tiqets and explains how Tiqets is currently marketing its services to help local venues increase their bookings.


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