House Store Machinist Tour: Stefan Gotteswinter! #Germany #travel

Stefan Gotteswinter is a comprehensive time prototype cnc machinist by working day and handbook producing entrepreneur by night. This 6’7″ German life and breathes machining. I first met Stefan at EMO and now I ultimately get to see his store! He is the absolute king of nift and finding the most out of his devices. The sensitive and specific work he is able to with Guide devices blows me away! Appear have some laughs with us at his residence store in the quaint town of Beratzhausen, Germany the place Stefan’s talent, ability, and enthusiasm shines as a result of.

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  1. I think that German cnc machine he has will do everything the the pantograph can do and probably faster but he just can't part with a classic German piece of precision engineering!

    Stefan is an exemplary Artisan !!
    Excellent Interview !! TY.
    I really really like the Toolmakers Microscope !!
    Starrett had a Optical Comparator, if I recall correctly, that made me wish to build a digital version.

  3. Stefan definitely gets a lot out of his workspace. Some of us like to work on parts that need a crane to move while others like ones you use tweezers for. It takes all kinds and I enjoy seeing it all!

  4. Hello Stefan,

    I truly enjoyed your shop tour video. I learned a lot on what you can do.
    What can I say, other than German intelligence at its finest!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Alex Von Bosse

  5. You know what I really like about these videos tours, you all are really just talking about the work, and it is really helpful for a non-machinist to grasp the subject matter. I really do enjoy watching them.

  6. Ok, is it just me, or is Stefan a myth? Come on, I did not see a single chip, swarf, or anything out of its place. There is a bit of discolor on the wall by the grinder, so I think that is the only thing that gets used in the shop! Come on man, no one is that dang clean!!!!!!! Amazing small shop and knowledge.

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