Homeless Encampments Spread to venice beach new Skid row


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Today I went down Venice Boulevard to showed a Homeless encampment underneath the bridge and then I went to Venice Beach Boardwalk and showed the new sskid row of Los Angeles lots of homeless people camped right on Venice Beach it is not a good look for the community something has to be done



  1. You ask why is it happening to one of the richest countries? Because being rich in money doesn't mean your rich in compassion and empathy. Blaming the problems of society on the victims of society is not the way.

  2. This is a democrat dominated state . What Pelosi & kamala is doing & the rest of democrats , they are busy to be against Pres trump instead of solving the major concern of their citizen . I visit this place year 2017 and its a nice place

  3. I got out of LA 30 years ago after seeing a steady decline. But this is far worse than I ever witnessed. Yes, LA has always had a homeless problem, but it was isolated and never impacted beautiful communities like Venice Beach. I used to go and hang out at Venice Beach quite often. Incredible vibe there. Wonderful people. Venice Beach was the place to be seen. Thank you ACLU for your legal activism in arguing on behalf of the homeless and their so called "camping rights"! Thanks to you LA County now has hundreds of times more homeless than ever. Word is out so all the mentally ill drug fiends from all over the country are flocking there. The obvious solution to homelessness is to shoot all ACLU attorneys.

  4. It's the eighth richest country in the world..but it's easy to measure wealth by the wealthy, but in reality it's how well off the poor are when they have the lowest income. And this is the US. I don't want to go there. I may as well go to India. .at least it would be more interesting.

  5. I don't see what the problem is…. these people are PELOSI'S people. Her constituants whom she "feeds" and listens to. Any one with eyes can see that there is absolutely nothing wrong.

  6. Programs for the mentally ill and challenged and drug programs for offenders were cancelled due to Obamacare. They were literally kicked to the streets. These people have no help, no family, no choice. If things are to change, Obamacare needs to be rescinded.

  7. This is by design, your government " leaders" want you to be preoccupied with the downtrodden, directing contempt, tension, fear, apprehension at those beneath us.
    That way we aren't watching those " above" us- you know, the leaders , safely tucked away in their insulated gated communities, the people making policies that help to cause these situations

  8. …still the obedient sheep wear their face diapers to show fealty to King Newsom and his minions in the City and County "governments." It's not because of a "pandemic" it's because of government action.

    The fruits of collectivism on display.

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