Homeless encampments spread to Venice Beach new skid row what happend?


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Today I went to Venice Beach I saw the police arresting a guy but I did not really know what happened I found The homeless who saw what happen and I started talking to him and he explained the whole story to me we had an interesting talk



  1. Stop judging these people, they are free to live as they see fit, with all their problems and you fat and lazy sitting behind a phone or computer, judging and criticizing them. Until you walk in their shoes STFU. Jesus was homeless.

  2. interestting interview you know i remember when he was talking about reagan cutting programs for the mental health programs but that is not the main cause of homelessness. The main cause of homelessness are drugs the majority are on drugs so in order to do something 1. give them a hot bath clean them up 2. get them sober and out those on meds that need them but resposibly 3. rehabilitate them 3. give them a job 4. help them with housing 5. and if they fail start over

  3. @German In Venice Can you please show more of the clutter thrown around? I understand you like to do interviews and it is your channel that is fine. But some of us also like your channel for the walk arounds that you do showing all the tents and encampments placed up. You can do both.

  4. I hope people watch until the end. What a good man! It’s true we are losing our country…happening right now. The founding fathers had a relationship with the creator just as this GREAT person!

  5. when the camera is on him, he insist that "I've got no problem", with this way of life, yet He admits he was the one who started shit with the neighbor about his "shitty music", which led to the police action. Living in a home or apartment (shoebox) is not a burden, unless you are claustraphobic. Having a poor me, victim attitude is the burden. Focusing on what you do not want, guarantees you will get more of the same, most of what he is speaking and thinking about; loss, addiction, disability, neediness, helplessness. I have compassion for these people, but I also understand that most are their own worst enemies, selfvictimization.

  6. Pandemic people suffering all over the country not just in venice everywhere from coast to coast at least 40 to 50% of our economy is gone all public gatherings shows events are gone along with all that are jobs that are gone.empty buildings and people outside. Something is wrong with that picture to The suffering in this country is so sad We are all supposed to help each other Its not gonna matter rich or poor Covid is here Our society as a whole has to change Families children all kinds of people outside starving ok folks its time to wake up Think if it were you and before this is all over with it just might be you.

  7. MIKE I have noticed you ask the question we all want to know: why don't you go stay at the shelter. I would love it if you went undercover dressed as if you were homeless, include not bathing, shaving or changing your clothes for at least a week so you get the full experience, and go check into a shelter and secretly reveal to all what it is REALLY like! Make sure to take a backpack with things that others would want to steal from you. . . 🙂

  8. He's been in Venice Beach for 7 years this time. A few minutes later he says he doesn't stay in one place very long. He doesn't live near the beach for the view but because he has a connection to the water. lol Me too, bro.

  9. What the fuck did you think would happen. They got us all drugged up and then they wiped out the middle class. Yes we have a lot of money in the USA so does Russia but it had all been stolen by the top one percent. China says the US is in a downward spiral we can't get out of. Nothing but rich corporations and poor people. The remaining middle class are hanging on by a thread. They will not stop until they have everything and we have nothing.

  10. You gotta understand that when you’re homeless the doors to regular society have been shut on you, but you still want to be free just like people in regular society want to be free. Nobody wants to be in a homeless shelter, be real! And rain, especially SoCal, is entirely manageable. Also, you get used to the natural environment, and you actually really enjoy experiencing the weather, the light, the wet and the dry. You get a different perspective on how Native Americans lived and so on.

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