Homeless Encampments spread to Venice Beach new skid row part 2


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Today I went to Venice Beach to find a homeless person to interview it was not a really easy task most of the people did not want it to be on camera finally I found Scott he was willing to talk to me about his homelessness


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  1. When I go out of state to work and look for a place to stay sometimes I stay in my truck for 2-3 days. I have blankets, A/C and everything I need but still it's depressive.On my third day without a shower I feel lonely and sad even though I clean myself. I need to shower once or twice a day with daily clean underwear and clean t-shirt. I can't imagine somebody living like that for months or years.

  2. Theres a lot more variables than what is typically understood.
    1 would be how vast homelessness can seem or how it accumulates overtime. Newsome isn't the problem as much as cause and migration. We know the cause. We know the Bill Haywood saying "If one man has a dollar he didnt work for, some other man worked for a dollar he didnt get". This has been a problem undetected for so many years. Capitalism has not been attacked in a way that socialism has. Socialism is popularly known to maybe lead to communism. Of course that's would have to be a totally unchecked occurrence which never happens except in totalitarian states. But it is not truly communistic. Heres why. Capitalism is not seen for what it is. It is form of fuedalism. It is fuedalism trying to reintroduce itself. Fuedalism is hierarchy systems like kings /queens / lords/ bishops / etc. It creates wealth gaps that the lower tiers suffer. It relishes in the Bill Haywood warning. It is how you are taxed and the upper tiers are not. Capitalism is fuedalism. Now heres where communismous not true. Russia and other socialistic / communistic countries are not true socialism. The government's official led to regulate are actually fuedalism and driven from fuedalistic tendencies. Only an unbiased algorithm or AI that does not profit can lead a communist type environment otherwise the temptations of our nature even if not seen for some generations will eventually lead back to fuedalism. So we can keep this balance by swaying back and forth from too much socialism to too much capitalism. We just have to understand the fuedalism that comes with capitalism, it is not known as much as socialism is communism. The unknown is what fuedalist dance with.
    So that was the cause. The migration here is the reason you see amplification. It is two fold. Capitalism is running rampant, earned dollars are being fuedalisticly distributed and people are becoming poorer. The weather is prime here so migrating is inevitable.

    There is another factor when understanding the homeless. The malnutrition leads to insanity. Some forms of it. All amino acids cross the blood/ brain barrier. Except L-phenylalanine. There are ratios that have to be balanced. L- Serine if out of ratio cause schizophrenia, lack of b12 = psychosis.
    Nutrition is a factor and hard to remedy once negatively enacted especially when homelessness is a parameter to deal with.

    Homelessness is not the problem. It is the outcome that perpetuates itself. These fellow humans are victims. They are not the enemy, they are the outcome of turning a blind eye for years. No matter how they seem to respond or seem to be hostile or silly they are victims. We should understand them not hate or feel disgusted or threatened by them. Collectively we have failed them and we will continue to fail them so long as we ignore where this problem arose from. It starts by understanding how dishonest dollars are made. As for now we can fix their rehabilitation practices by not placing blame but finding solutions. How do we create more jobs if they keep migrating here ( expansion rate ) , how do we distribute synthetic nutrients to wondering people, how do we eliminate fuedalistic distribution of profits, what other questions do we need to be asking that need answers? Keep up the hope by understanding. I dont know what this guys intent is but I know where our perception or focus should be

  3. Why are all you armchair Einsteins blaming "the system" for not being there for the mentally ill? Most of this "mental illness" is caused by drug use by CHOICE. These people willingly decided at some point in their life to start and continue using drugs until they lost their mental capacity. There is no "system" to blame. Their choices have created this. But no one wants to put blame where it actually belongs.

  4. tell them lake elsinore ca Temecula ca and canyon lake ca is very nice has nice parks camp ground with shower why don't you get together rent a big bus give each a $100.00 GET ON THE BUS AND COME TO MY TOWN I WELCOME THEM TO COME there all kinds of spots they can put up a tent there so many mountain empty field I been hear 40 years there plenty of room

  5. ….Their minds are as messed- up as that car…Usually drugs. Nobody knows how thoughts and memory work together in the mind because it is so complex, so you mess with that delicately balanced organ, you get a pile of mess. If you notice after watching various "homeless" videos, many will talk in a "lecturing manor"…a "condescending manor" as if they know- it- all and the public at large is dumb….

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