Helicopters and Penguins in Cape Town | Travel Images Vlog

What is actually much better than a Cape Town helicopter excursion? Going to the penguins in Cape Town at boulders beach front appropriate soon after!
We have arrived in Cape Town, and I am re-connecting with the city that I liked so a great deal the initial time I visited. And to do so, I took @alajode on a helicopter excursion up about the city. We went earlier Table Mountain, and above boulders beach front. It was astounding.
Then, soon after the helicopter excursion above Cape Town was above, we headed down to Boulders beach front to see the penguins. It is really a little astonishing at times for people to see penguins in Africa, but right here they are in all their cuteness.
All in all, it is really the fantastic way to invest a working day in Cape Town as a vacationer. And even however this is household for us now, we are hoping to be holidaymakers and do all the common things to do in Cape Town although we’re right here. I imply, what’s the stage of residing someplace if you really don’t get to knowledge the finest bits?
We are in Cape Town for a little above a 7 days now in advance of heading out on a Southern Africa excursion, so I will be obtaining out to do some additional journey pictures on vlogs to occur.


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  1. Beautiful place for sure; I lived in SouthAfrica for 11 years and visited Cape Town only once. I will recommend to be very careful with your gear, unfortunately Cape Town, like SouthAfrica in general, have one of the highest crime rates in the world, make sure you won’t be alone in the early hours of the day or at night time. Please be safe and I really love your videos and tutorials. Keep them coming.

  2. Awesome video! I forgot how beautiful the city it's from a heli window, I was stationed at the airforce base Ysterplaat in Milnerton from 1991-2000). I don't really miss the airforce, I miss flying in helicopters so much it's painful to think about lol. What a fantastic bday present! As always awesome video!!!

  3. Been so looking forward to seeing your Cape Town videos as I go to south Africa at the end of January next year for 5 weeks. What would you say to people who may be a bit concerned about safety in South Africa ?

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