Heidelberg, Germany in 4K Extremely Hd #Germany #travel

The passionate scenic sights of the Heidelberg Castle and the picturesque Baroque old town make Heidelberg a person of the main tourist places in Germany.

Recorded September 2018 in 4K Extremely Hd with Sony AX100.

New music:
Daniel Estrem – Classical Ukulele Quantity two – one – Prelude from Cello Suite one BWV1007 (Johann Sebastian Bach), accredited by way of ilicensemusic.com
zero-challenge – Ethereal interlude, www.zero-challenge.gr, accredited underneath the “Innovative Commons Attribution 3. Unported License” (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3./)
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  1. The beautiful art in all fields of white endeavour came from highly evolved, elevating spirit woven in to the soul of our race. Thank you for capturing what remains – so much has been wrecked through the religion of peace and it's chosen companion. Imagine if classical Greece, Rome,Russia, Byzantine, Petra, India and all the fabulous libraries had been left in peace. I'd love to have seen Dresden …..before its holocaust. Make the most of it, darkest times approach in this third 'golden age'.

  2. Almost every city in Germany would look like Heidelberg or even better if there wouldn't be the terrible second world war.
    Besides all the lifes destroyed I always think about our beautiful German cities which were completely demolished. We lost some big piece of our culture and history in these years…

  3. Beautiful ❤️ video…. you are a very good human being… that's why you have been uploading such a great videos… hat's off to you sir…. may God bless you and your team for your wonderful n priceless work..

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