Has Tourism Ruined Spain? #Spain #travel

Overtourism has driven the locals out of Madrid’s historic centre. Ditto Barcelona, Venice and other big European tourist destinations. How can we fix this massive problem? Venga, let’s go! 🥝

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Hola, Spain lovers! We’re James and Yoly. James is a New Zealander, and Yoly is from Spain. And we both live in Madrid. This channel is all about giving you a local insight into life in Spain, and helping you experience this country like a local when you come to visit (or live!). If that sounds like your kind of thing, bienvenido!

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  1. So James & Yollis Family Tapas bar looks like a goer, last stop on every tour, who knew ? Staff it with work experience people & people who share your Zest for Life, perhaps a Kickstarter fund from your followers ? Let me know where to send my $50 . You two have the vision to make a difference.

  2. Amazing video and thank you so much for putting this together! My wife is from Almería and I absolutely love everything about Spain. I hope this whole experience does get cities re-thinking this tourism phenomenon so more of the most historic part of the cities can have that local feel. It would be amazing to dedicate a certain percentage of the area that had affordable enough housing for locals to stay around or something. Not sure how it could be done, but there has to be something innovative that can be done. Thanks again!

  3. Vulture Fund! What an accurate term for the blanderization of all our cities and neighborhoods by global brands that are using COVID as an opportunity to sweep out the Mom&Pops! Why visit Madrid if it comes to feels no different from San Dimas?

  4. New Zeland it’s is lovely for me the South Island well manicure the national parques however and has not the feeling of Europe NZ it’s Australia 1970 life it’s dear and lacking caracter…….sorry my two beloved friends

  5. Se dice pronto 87 millones de turistas el ultimo año duplicando a la población del país si a eso añades a que no hay industria en otros sectores , dependemos de turismo y pesca y agricultura , no se diversifica la industria,.la responsabilidad de quienes nos han gobernado y otros dicen que fue el requisito para entrar en la UE solo ser parque temático y lugar de vacaciones para el norte de Europa

  6. We go to Spain every two years from U.S. and we land in Madrid or Barcelona and get the hell out of the city, the quicker we do it the better. Little towns is where true Spain is. We have had such great experiences in little towns around Spain and way cheaper.

  7. Thanks for your big variety of videos . Tourism like anything else has good and bad sides but that's life, isn't it ? Many countries have done those hard restrictions because of covid 19. I think it is a big mistake , why ?
    – They have managed hospitals (among other things) like firms and have cut down the expenses during decades. So not enough masks, places in hospitals with workers to operate them etc…
    – The last solution was Hard restrictions against the people during 1-2-3 months ! A suicide !
    – People discover that when you are old you are fragile and too much people discover the dark side of life that is Death !
    – Imagine that covid last 1-2-3 years ! Are we going to live like chimps with our masks, to be afraid of our fellows like in period of war ? Ruin our economy to avoid "just" thousands of covid death like it is the case with cancer, diabetics, car crashes etc ??

    Our politics are building a Nightmare from nothing ! O can't believe that ! And people admit this ! Madre Mia … Keep on the good job ..Hasta luego

  8. Jacinda Ardern, New Zelands  Prime Minister's ethos and approach to Covid 19 would have profoundly helped and changed the direction of this virus in Spain and Europe. We should have taken her advice and acted like wise.
    Now we are ALL suffering needlessly to the whims and wanton devastation of this pandemic. God help us all.

  9. This really is a problem of so many big cities, that they are absolutely overcrowded. I also think of cities like Venice, Prague and Amsterdam here. Amsterdam actually already advertises to people for visiting the surrounding area instead of the city itself.

    And I totally see how locals would leave the city center when it looses everything they lived there for due to tourism which makes everything more generic and interchangable.

    It's a problem of today's culture, that so many people travel places just because they feel like it's a must see and then in those places they end up visiting the same food chains and souvenir shops as everywhere else instead of going to to a place that's not so famous but they might be actually interested in. Also people are travelling all around the world, before having explored their own continent or even their own country.

    I think what I needs is a change in the way of thinking about tourism and travelling, but I'm not so sure how to provoke that.

  10. interesting discussion around how unchecked tourism is destroying everything local in its ugly unregulated path . When I was in Barca and Madrid back in the early 80,s, I truly struggled , in a good way to survive. My Spanish was pathetic.Now I won’t consider going there because it’s so overrun . Devour Travel has done played part in that phenomenon. Am I the only one who thought that you guys were suggesting that now would the perfect time to come? You still operating right?

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