Grocery Browsing in Germany #Germany #journey

I believed id convey yall alongside with me on a trip to the grocery retail store in Germany! My favored retail store so significantly is a put called Kaufland. I occur across “American Bacon” and a lot of other delectable food items you dont generally see in the states.

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  1. Where in the states did you live where ground beef costs six dollars a pound?!? California? That's not the usual price in the several states I've lived in. Not even if it's ground sirloin. Guess I'm lucky.

  2. Her opening statement is SO TRUE. As much as I like the selection at my local commissary (in this case McDill AFB in Tampa FL) the prices are lousy. The price off base is usually much better. When I was active duty you could not beat the prices (OK smokes in those days were 25 cents) You knew if you were going on payday to plan for a whole day shopping. You showed your ID then you got in line. YOU old timers will remember you got in line and had to walk up and down each aisle even if you did not want to. It was just 1 long line to the exit.
    Now that the prices have caught up with the outside world it is more like a regular market. PLUS even though in the US you do not pay tax on consumable food in a way you do at the commissary. They charge you a 7% service fee which is supposed to be for up keep and they DO NOT pay the people bagging your food, your expected to tip at the rate of 50 cents per bag unless it is payday or a big holiday then it is recommended you tip at 1 dollar per bag. So needless to say there goes any potential savings you might have gotten. Don't get me wrong because often there are great buys BUT you have to be there on the right day (whenever that is) at the right time

  3. With shopping carts that are set up like that.
    You drill a hole near the edge of whatever type of coin it may use.
    Then you can attach it to your key ring.
    This makes sure you always have the coin,and don't have to dig around in your pockets/purse to find the right one.

  4. As former military, I love it when other military say things like “I lived in so & so” ….no. You lived on an American base in so & so. Glad she got off base, at least.

    People know your not local because Americans walk differently when alone in unfamiliar public spaces. We walk like we’re on a mission; I’ve been told we’re unapproachable because of it & folks will move out of the way because we’re alarming/amusing to them. Living in Italy (as a resident) has taught me to view America through the eyes of foreigners.
    Americans need to chill out

  5. It is so weird, that Germans stare! I know in the past, it was considered very rude when staring, what happend?
    But I can say for sure, that in the USA people constantly staring at me, it doesn't matter men or women! And that I find disrespectful, and it bothers me!

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