Greece: Tourism – The Final Refuge | Created in Germany #Germany #vacation

Greece has been bailed out – for the time currently being. The EU and the IMF have arrive up with two aid offers incorporating up to 219 billion euros. But how will Greece spend again its money owed? The country’s economic climate relies seriously on tourism. This summertime the Greek islands have toted up 30 for every cent far more vacationers than usual. But the vacation business alone can’t pull Greece out of the pink.Tour operators say that, in normal, their company is actually far better than in earlier several years. Created IN GERMANY reporter Holger Trzeczak took a appear all over Crete, a person of the most preferred islands, to verify out the neighborhood temper in mild of the most recent aid package deal.


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  1. there are super lux hotels that cost around 10k per night.. like in Russia and Switzerland.
    in Greece you can find brilliant hotels in awesome islands for 35 to 50 euro per night.
    all u need is to know the right places to search..

  2. 4k to 10k a night?
    thats not at all what greece costs for tourists. this was a very ridiculous choice by the reporters.
    this is a super luxury hotel for very rich ppl, its not what the average hotels cost in greece.

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