Granada, Spain: The Beautiful Alhambra #Spain #journey

Much more info about journey to Granada: Granada’s dominant sight is the Alhambra, the very last and greatest Moorish palace. For two hundreds of years, until eventually 1492, Granada reigned as the capital of a dwindling Moorish empire. As Christian forces pushed the Moors farther and farther south, this palace was the very last hurrah of a refined civilization.

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  1. Rick Steves is wrong when he says that the palace of Charles the fifth is the finest renaissence one in Spain. The finest (and largest ) one is close to Madrid and it's called El Escorial.

  2. its a little bit misleading, because they didnt mention that the architects which developed this style in North Africa and Spain were brought in from freshly conquered byzantine, persian and Syrian areas of the islamic empire. They used and mixed elements from the antique architecture and developed them further. the arabs itself were not very developed, but in the beginning they had leaders which used the cultural and intellectual heritage of the lands and people they conquered to integrate it into their new islamic society and culture.

  3. I think you are mistaken is some part of you story, it was Omayyad empire which came from Damascus is the one who conquer Spain for sure with the big help of northern African Muslims..

  4. I'll be vlogging about Granada and Andalucia until July if anyone is curious 🙂 The Alhambra is tough to avoid, anywhere you go in this city you can pretty much see it. I booked tickets for June but you can go earlier if you line up really early in the morning or book a tour for about 40 euros. It's a great city and i've only been here a week so far.

  5. I just visited the Alhambra a few months ago and it was absolutely amazing! From floor to ceiling, the design and architecture was beautiful to see. I definitely recommend a visit if you are in Andalucia. Also, the palace is very popular, so book tickets online in advanced– you can pick a time slot and not worry about queuing to buy a ticket at the office.

  6. This man is incorrect the Moors did not conquer the entire Iberian peninsula really it was about 3/4 of it and not everyone converted to Islam. The Iberian's were Celts and Visigothic and the main religions were Arianism and Catholicism.

  7. Within the first 30 seconds, 3 historical aberrations.  I understand this is a casual travel  show that does not need to become a history thesis, but to make such huge errors only goes to preserve American's atrocious knowledge of history and cultures. It's embarrassing. 

    A) Spain did not exist. Spain did not come into existence until 800 years later.  The name was either Iberia a geographical name,  or Hispania, the former roman province.  That would be like talking about the US in the Renaissance period.

    B) The Moors conquered 2/3 of Hispania. The name of the kingdom of Castile (land with castles) was born from the line of defense castles alongside the no-man's land that existed on the northern border of Al Andalus, the Iberian Moorish territories. The most accepted reason why they never attempted to conquer all of it was  because of  "The Route of St James" the most important christian pilimgrimage in Europe. The Moors (wisely so) did not want to attract the ire of the whole christian Europe upon themselves, specially the feared Frankish kingdom. 

    C) The Moors  did not convert the population at all and there was a reason why: Money.  The Moors charged a tax to allowed people to pray to their faiths, one of the main sources of income for their kingdoms.  If you are going to tax folks  for praying  it is in your benefit for they  keep their faith. It has the additional benefit of making the conquered  less likely to revolt. Later in history Christian kingdoms adopted this idea in places like Sicily, Cyprus and Malta

    C'mon. This basic stuff now. 

  8. I was completely underwhelmed, the fine Islamic art is in a very small area most of the building was built after the Reconquista, there is statues of animals lions to be precise this guy must be blind, the outside of the building is like a prison the wealth was hidden from those who had to pay  jizya.

  9. This is a true work of art. In the video it looks awesome, but in real life, even more. It is incredibly breathtaking making your jaw drop in complete admiration of such talent. It is highly monitored to insure it's preservation. For instance, guards are quick to remind tourists to not touch anything and watch their hands when someone is getting too close to a wall (oil will deteriorate the material over time) for example. An elderly native told us that when she was a child, they would go play in those pools and ponds for fun as if going to the park. On a different note: The victory of the Reconquista (13:15) helped in the foundation of Spain's "Golden Age" but also stealing all our gold (besides many other goods) also helped ! 1492 was also the year when they invaded our continent, stole our riches, massacred and raped our ancestors. Also another theft was and still is  our land. Free gold, riches and land will make anyone rich for sure. Yeah, 1492 was a great year for them indeed! The Alhambra in Granada is a beautiful place worthy of much admiration, respect and a treassure for humanity (UNESCO World Heritage Site). My previous comment about the horrific crimes Spain perpetrated on our people is based on history books-facts.   

  10. I a Moroccan myself and totally agree with you. Sharia law is outdated and should not be imposed anywhere (not even in Arabic countries). I can tell you that I feel closely related to Spanish people in Andalucia, and our cultures share a bond. Spanish culture is beautiful, and the Moorish culture was beautiful as well. Just know that not all Arabs/Moroccans are religious fanatics. I like to consider myself a well educated Moroccan with tolerance towards anyone (gay, black, white etc.).

  11. In those ages, the Moors tolerated different religions and ideologies. In these ages, not so much. In Spain, we are very tolerant, so you can come if you want, but don't expect it impose Sharia law on us.

  12. A pity you cannot see the lion foutain, instead of showing a man speaking ! the voice off is much better and this fountain is really missing from this video otherwise well made

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