Gondola Trip by the Canals of Venice, Italy

Glitter&Mud ~ The travel tales of a California surfer female… This summertime I was blessed to be equipped to stop by five nations around the world in five weeks! Read about Italy & all my other adventures at www.glitterandmud.com

xo, Vanessa Rivers


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Join ME ON PATREON: patreon.com/JodiMarieMackin LIKE MY Writer Page: fb.com/JodiMarieMackin Steve and I go to 3 distinctive bakeries/ italian petisseries and check out tasty italian sweets, cookies, biscuits, cakes and additional! Audio: You are cost-free to use this track and monetize your online video, but you should incorporate the next in your online video description: […]

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The Republic of Venice was a key financial and maritime power for the duration of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and a staging location for the Crusades and the Fight of Lepanto, as effectively as a pretty crucial centre of commerce (particularly silk, grain, and spice) and artwork in the 13th century up to the […]

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