GONDOLA Journey IN VENICE | Italy Vlog

“When the moon hits your eye like a large pizza pie… THAT”S AMOREEE”
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Working day 287 // November twenty first 2015
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Abide by Chleo


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Shot on a Sony RX100II and Canon 5D Mark III, often GoPro High definition Hero 4.


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  1. Really enjoy watching your videos, very lighthearted and easy to watch. But seriously, you guys just need to do a little of research before you go anywhere. You guys always seem to be so clueless all the time. Especially obvious around asia. I had to facepalm in multiple videos. But still great videos, keep it up!!

  2. Looks great! Too bad with the weather though;) I was in Venice in the summer time some years ago and it was so hot we had to go into restaurants to cool off haha. Well well. Nice and entertaining vlog guys!
    One question: how do you travel with the drone when you travel by plane? Is it possible to have it with you as carry-on? Otherwise, how do you pack it so it doesn't get destroyed?:)

  3. Wow, Amazing, I'm going to watch this vlog 3 times:) thank you so much for it. I have never tried one of those fancy toilets, but it sure would be great to wash your back side, lol, what a view:)"When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie"

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