Go to Germany: 5 Points You Will Enjoy & Despise about Germany #Germany #journey

There are factors you really like and despise about each individual location you go. Right here we focus on Germany. We are supporters of touring to Germany and have numerous German good friends and just wish that absolutely everyone could appreciate the superb country that is Deutschland.
Filmed in Bonn, Germany.

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  1. I completely agree with you, one of the things I miss about living in Germany is that it was very clean. Those that kept the streets parks and public areas clean took pride in there job.

  2. My "best" things about Germany: 1. Freedom of sexual expression 2. Wellness culture 3. Freedom to voice opinions 4. No education fees (University/Further education for all) 5. Great Public transport throughout country | My "worst" things about Germany: 1. Unfriendly people 2. Horrible service 3. Bureaucracy in public services 4. Aggressive atmosphere 5. Unhelpful public officials.

  3. Love the trick your son played! Great video I had a wonderful time in Germany also. The food was awesome while I was there the tour was full of beautiful places would love to back and I would also recommend it to anyone looking for a country in Europe to visit.

  4. Its organized and clean. Thats just so true. When I got to London (I am German) I got mad about not finding a trash bin. I ended up embarrassed, because I just threw my stuff on the ground. Sorry, u British people, put on a stamp and send it back to me…

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