Get £125 by switching your current account to HSBC Advance Account – new customers @ HSBC #traveldeals

Goes live later today, HSBC will offer £125 for switching your current account to a HSBC Advance Bank Account, payable within 30 days of the switch completion date. The same offer will also be on the Premier bank account. Only cash banking switch incentive I am aware of currently, so looks a good option if eligible. This is open to new current account customers within HSBC. Please note if you have a first direct or M&S current account since 1st Jan 2018 you are not eligible (part of HSBC group). You will need to pay in a minimum of £1750 per month and setup 2+ Direct Debits or Standing Orders within 30 days of using the Current Account Switch Service.

Will update the post including terms when live.

Source – This is Money

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