Germany&#39s Schloss Neuschwanstein || The Most Well known Castle In The Entire world #Germany #vacation

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  1. The Americans and Asian tourists of course like the fanciest castle the most….there are older, more authentic ones for sure, although Neuschwanstein does make for nice pictures, it looks impressive from a far (though not old from up close). Liked the music in this vid!

  2. Dear Nalf,
    I' German and I've never been therem though I spent lots of holidays not far from there in Austria. Partially because my parents tried to avoid the masses of tourists in summer time. But there's another cause. We have so many genuine castles and ruins in our country (especially in the Palatinate, where I'm from), so Neuschwanstein is somewhat "fake" for us – because it was built on the the romanticising fantasies of a mad king, who ruined his kongdom's finances because of it, because this king was the king of Bavaria and his actions affected directly my ancestors as the Palatinate was part of the kingdom of Bavaria.
    CU twinmama

  3. There is a hugh different between Schloss and Burg (Castle)
    Schloss is the home of the king or the emperor
    Castle is the home of the knights and the dragon
    Schloss is for living
    Castle is for defending and protecting the people

  4. Dude, if you've had mentioned you were going to the castles again, I might have been able to set you up to a privat tour through Schloss Hohenschwangau (the yellow one next to Neuschwanstein, and in my opinion the more impressive one on the inside, since it was actually inhabited for 80 years). I used to be a tour guide there and still have good connections to the people working there. And I still live less then 1km from the castles, I can literallly see my house in one of your drone shots^^!

  5. There are a lot of castles/palaces in Germany and all over Europe. I studied in Hannover and the University is in the Welfenschloss. So the motivation to see "just another castle" isnt as high for Germans as people coming from far away. Especially if its THE castle posting as an tourist attraction.

  6. I never liked Neuschwanstein.
    No historic background!
    Just a crazy bavarian king who offered himself a phantasy castle…
    Compared to Hohenzollern, Burg Eltz, Wartburg, Altena, Kriebstein, Mildenstein, Marienburg and so on, Neuschwanstein has nothing to tell.
    It's just overrun by tourists who want to see Disneys inspiration.

  7. Why don't visit Schloss Linderhof or Herrenchiemsee (on an island in middle of the Chiemsee, which is very beautiful too) instead? Both are King Ludwig castles as well and I consider Linderhof even more pretty!

  8. 7:02 Can you use the slang version of sick and be understood in Germany? Whenever I travel abroad, I try to check as many of my slang uses of English as possible, but it's so damn difficult not to use them!

  9. I came across your channel back in December when I was youtubing things about Schwäbisch Hall. I was born there in 1991 and my family moved to California not long after. I went to see the town with my own eyes for the first time 4 months ago and spent my 27th birthday there. I stayed in a spot along the river for a few days and went to a few of the places you mentioned which were pretty cool.
    Jealous you got to go over the bridge at Neuschwanstein, it was closed due to the snow when I went. Just thought I'd give a shoutout and a thank you for the cool videos and the tidbits of travel info you give out!

  10. You were lucky that you got tickets, to get up there. The last time I've been there, was during the summer holidays in 2014 with my 8 year old daughter. It was a rainy day, like nearly the whole summer. Our hotel we stayed in, near Kempten, was disappointing and I always had to think about things to do with my 8 year old girl. It wasn't easy, because it was hard to get internet at that hotel. So one day I decided to get her some Bavarian culture. We arrived at noon, but there was already a very long queue at the ticket counter. A woman behind us went to the counter to ask, how long we would have to wait and the answer was: the are already too much people in the castle or waiting to get in, so before 5 p.m we would not get any tickets. I was disappointed, but my daughter was happy. She wasn't interested at all visiting "old stones". Luckily we found an indoor ropes course (Klettergarten), so our day was saved.

  11. I visited last summer and I think the scenery around the castles are just as beautiful if not more so than the castles themselves. Just look at the drone shots, the green pastures all around in the valleys. Just takes you back to a simpler place and time.

  12. Like somebody else said you must visit the North of Germany. You will feel like in another Country. Hahaha. Interesting historical Buildings are in Bremen. The Schnoor, the Böttcherstraße, the Dom, the Rathaus whith the stature of Roland at the historical Marketplace. Everything is right in the Center. Not to Forget the Bürgerpark, a big park whith the most beautiful landscape and free running deers.

  13. Did spend 45 of my 49 years so far just 150 km away from this place, but havent there been either. I rather watch a squirrel eating nuts for five hours then feeling like an alien among five million chinese, japanese and american tourists watching a bunch of old stones…

  14. As you did know Neuschwanstein is not an old castle, as we have many real old (Ole Faller did recommend two of them) we Germans often like to see the real staff. However it's all about enjouying your time, so have fun.
    Btw. nice vid as most of your work, thanks.

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