Germany&#39s Fascinating May perhaps 1st Traditions #Germany #travel

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  1. 1st of May Tag der Arbeit – where als the Union-Members are celebrating. Vistit next time the Unions on 1st of May. You have to learn about "Socialism"

  2. So your friends didn't take you on a May-hike? Every good German goes on a may hike! At least in Westphalia… And the older people do the May-hike , riding a bike…also

    Over here in Westphalia we design our May-Carts (Maiwagen) weeks in advance to include Carbatteries for soundsystem and sometimes even a built in grill without compromising on room for beer… also more advances "handles" so more people could help in moving the mobile party cart. I think they do it everywhere not only in Westphalia…It's more a rural area thing. You don't do your mai-hike throu urban areas…because…reasons.
    This is one of those German traditions I'm pretty sure you would get into trouble for in the USA.
    Beeing 16 drinking beer
    Beeing outside in the forests and fields drinking beer
    Celerbating a heathen tradition while in the home country of God himself…

  3. Tanz in den Mai! To dance into the May is the biggest tradition in Hamburg. However you’re doing it, at midnight 1st if May you’re supposed to be dancing.

  4. Packing a hand-drawn cart full of beer and pulling it around the countryside till everybody is too drunk to struggle on is a tradition among younger males on Ascension, the Thursday 10 days before Whitsun, in the North.

  5. In the villages and small towns of the North a maypole gets put up on the market square or village green. Then people stay at home and watch TV as the weather is usually too cold to do anything else. "Dancing into May" is a frequent event in clubs and tents or other event places.

  6. "Maibäume" are only common in mid and south Germany. Northern Germany has other traditions like "Tanz in den Mai"/Walpurgisnacht (dancing into may). Maiwanderungen (may hikes) are very traditional for "Vereine" (non-profit organisations, clubs, societies, …) with the members and their families and usually end up in a BBQ event on or near one of the many "adventure playgrounds" (Abenteuerspielplätze), which usually have a fire place.

  7. The only reason for Germans – and I am one of them – to celebrate May 1st is : to drink alcohol all day long, esp. the men. And not only drinking beer, NO! Drinking any alcohole. Beer, wine, Schnaps, Whisky, Tequilla, Desperados, Apfelwein, Wodka, ……. That's it, nothing else. A stupid and senseless traditon. But hey – that's how it is 😉

  8. The "wagon & beer" thing is more a tradition associated with the Ascension (Himmelfahrt) holiday, 40 days after Easter. Some people will take any excuse to party and drink beer though I guess.

  9. THE GOOD OLD 5,0~~ reminds me of my university days…
    plus it is indeed all over southern Germany (don’t know about the rest) to go on walks with a cart full of beer. The night before we get drunk as well (Hocketses in small villages). We hide rubbish bins, wrap stuff in toilet paper, steal/switch street signs and so on. Also, guys will go to “their” girls houses at night and secretly put “Mailes” in front of their homes (little trees basically). I grew up close to Hall, so I assume it’s quite similar

  10. Instead of the walking/hiking, in my hometown we mostly do bike tours on May 1st 🙂 after that most people have barbeques in someones backyard (everything I mentioned includes a lot of beer too ;))

  11. We have in our public parks "Tanz in den Mai" on the evening of the 30 April – no Maibäume in evidence here but we are too north and too urbanised to see these.

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