Germany Vacation! Pt. 2 – KhAnubis in Other German Cities #Germany #travel

I imagined it would be most effective to post this in advance of likely again to Berlin. Here’s aspect two of the sequence, at long past!

“Type Funk” by Kevin Macleod
“Functioning It” by Jingle Punks
“By the Pool” by Jingle Punks
“Chicago” by Joe Bagale
“Tune In” by RW Smith
“Do Do Do” by Silent Partner
“O Canada”

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  1. As a German living in beautiful bavarian countryside I hated Berlin. It's the definition of Asozial (Assi) a term used for people mostly from Turkey or Africa who don't behave (drugging, graffiti, shit rap music and acting like the toughest dudes or girls). The Antifa is also pretty present in this city which led to some No-Go areas the police stays away from.

    Hamburg is a beautiful city in my eyes. If you can make it during working days go to Munich. On the weekend there are so many tourists mostly Asia that you can't enjoy it really. Also stay away from Nuremberg. It would be a beautiful city with franconian/bavarian way of life (like we in the surrounding villages and towns) but it's the same as Berlin only with more drugs and everything more densely.

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