GERMANY TO SEATTLE // International Flight Attendant Vlog 22 2021 #Germany #travel

Hey guys 🙂
Lucky me! Crew scheduling assigned me a trip to Seattle, WA. That’s one city and one state that I can check off of my list of places I want to see. I had enough time in Seattle to hop on a ferry to Bainbridge Island and explore that area as well. What a wonderful trip!
I hope you are all having a great summer so far! Take care and I will see you soon!

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  1. Hi (formerly go girl)

    I hope you guys are safe in Salzburg! I saw what happened in Berchtesgadener Land und Salzburger Land just south of Salzburg. It breaks my heart.

    A similar thing happened to my US credit card when I moved to Germany., they kept denying my purchases until I called. It happened again years later when I got a new credit card. It was a nuisance but manageable.

  2. Seattle is beautiful!! My wife and I have a very dear friend who lives in Seattle. She’s a DJ at a Christian radio station out there. Some of the pics that she posts on Instagram and Facebook are so awesome! The Peugeot Sound is gorgeous!! Never been there in person but it’s certainly on my bucket list now! Great video as always! You and Mario have a blessed week!

  3. I always thought the airlines flew great circle routes on long flights? On your graphics, you depict the route as a straight line across the Atlantic. If I am not mistaken, the route would be a polar route would it not? Excellent video as always.

  4. Glad you got to see Seattle. Next time you should go to Biscuit Bi**h (it’s really good). You could also explore Mukilteo and some falls near Seattle. Ballard is also really fun with the Scandinavian influence. The grocery stores and farmers markets are so good in Seattle (you can tons of fresh food and high quality products), similarly to Europe.

  5. Great video! I'm so glad you got a Seattle trip. Seattle is a beautiful city with so much to do. I love Pike Place Market (home of the first Starbucks they also named one of their coffees Pike Place) . It's great that you go out and explore during your layovers.

  6. Space needle is great but I went during the pandemic when there were no crowds at all. I’m not proud but I know someone who used the electronic kiosk and purchase a senior ticket despite the fact that they weren’t a senior. No one ever checked and that person saved $5.

  7. Loved your vlog. So happy you got to fly to Seattle. I have never been there as i live across the US in Pennsylvania closer to Philadelphia. Hope you are all safe during the horrible flooding over there.

  8. I have seen on the news bad floods in Austria. I hope all is ok for you and your boyfriend and your families. Keep safe. I am sure all your subscribers will be thinking about you.

  9. Happy you were in the United States for 4th of July. It would have been nice if you were able to see a firework show, but it sounds like your sleep schedule wouldn't allow it. Hopefully you will get a another fun International destination next month.

  10. In this video, you explained why you prefer working economy class and said that you had explained that before. But, previously, I asked you why you preferred it. Even though you had obviously explained it before ( perhaps several times) you answered my question very kindly. (instead of telling me I was an idiot) So, thank you for being a nice person.

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