Germany Supercar Factory Excursions – Day 1 #Germany #vacation

This is a summary video of Sebastien Delanney and Benjamin Green’s initially working day exploring Supercar factory’s in Monaco… They visit both the Gemballa Factory and a Supercar dealership in Leonberg Germany.


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  1. This was such an amazing video when it came out and was actually one of my inspirations for starting a channel. I know these videos from your channel have now become forgotten but I think they were utterly incredible. I'm glad you now finally have the subs you deserve. This is one of the few channels I watched from the beginning and I am proud to have been the 27th subscriber. 🙂

  2. Awesome.. congrats on taking the positive steps to make your dreams come true. So awesome to see folks who are motivated who are willing to defy folks who say they *can't* do this or that. Kudos to you guys. Keep it up.

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