Germany Road Trip: Magical Rothenburg ob der Tauber & Dinkelsbühl #Germany #travel

Welcome back to our Germany Road Trip travel vlog series through Bavaria, Germany, our 29th country on our round the world trip! Our road trip brought us to the magical town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Rothenburg is known as the Fairytale Town of Germany and has the Instagram posts to prove it!

After waking up before dawn to soak up the town before the crowds, we explore the gorgeous little town including the medieval walls and Rothenburg Christmas Market stalls. We captured a special moment in front of Plönlein and watched a stunning rainbow arching over Rothenburg in the early hours of the morning. It truly felt like we were living a fairytale!

Next, we drove over to Dinkelsbuhl for an evening at the most local-feeling market we’ve seen yet! If you love half-timbered German buildings, then this town has plenty for you to see!

Heads up, this is our 3rd travel vlog of a multi-part Germany Road Trip series as we drive from Nuremberg to Bamberg and then drive down the Romantic Road from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the southern tip of Bavaria, ending in Munich! If you missed the first two vlogs, you can find those below.

Nuremberg Germany Vlog:

Bamberg Germany Vlog:

During our road trip across Bavaria, Germany, we’re logging hundreds of miles and taking you along for the ride. Enjoy our Germany vlogs and we’ll see you in our next one as we KEEP GOING PLACES!

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-Ashley & Jordan






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  1. We went on a USO bus trip there while living in Germany. (Dec 2012- Dec2017.). Would love to visit it at Christmas. Thank you for sharing there and the other great Vlogs . God Bless you both.

  2. If you enjoy Rothenburg, my tip would be: do a road trip to the Alsace. Every other town or village there looks as charming as this.
    Second tip: a lot of tourists in Rothenburg are just making a day trip. Late in the evening and early in morning there will be nobody.

    This Schneeballen stuff doesn't taste as exiting as it looks. If you try one it's enough.

  3. New to your guys channel and let me just say your videos are breathtaking so much incredible insight on things to do and see and eat I love Europe and yearning to go back to places I never been so many beautiful cities still to explore definitely one of the top things I want in the years to come

  4. A few tips on German pronounciation:
    1) TH in german is not pronounced like an english th. The h is silent which means you pronounce this just as a t (in this case Rothenburg is pronounced like you would pronounce Rotenburg).
    2) In many german words with more than 1 syllable the first vocal is long (Think of it like Roothenburg instead of a short vocal; however if you see a double consonant behind the vocal this is a sign that the vocal is short (that would be the case if the city name would be spelled like this: Rottenburg). There are a few exceptions to this rule, but this is the general rule.

  5. Great video! Especially after 9:50 where you really captured the spirit of this little town! The rainbow shot at 11:48 with the beautiful music in the background is really amazing! I am really glad that you took your time to discover the romantic and peaceful part of Rothenburg without hundreds of tourists filling up the space and have such a great taste when choosing the right music for the filmed scenery.
    Thumbs up for a great video and a cute couple that takes its time to represent the beautiful places they visit in their best light instead of all the others that only flood youtube with their ordinary "been there" videos!

  6. I'm happy, happy, happy. After the hordes of tours left, I bet RoT was so peaceful and quiet. Would love to know the name of the AirBnB you stayed in as we have this on our plans (been twice before but only as day trippers) to spend a few days. So cute.

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