Germany Road Trip: Bavarian Christmas Market in Bamberg! #Germany #travel

Welcome to our Germany Road Trip travel vlog series! We are back on the road and taking a 9 day road trip through Bavaria, Germany!

This will be a multi-part Germany Road Trip series as we drive from Nuremberg to Bamberg and then drive down Germany’s Romantic Road from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the southern tip of Bavaria, ending in Munich! In these Germany vlogs, there will be plenty of fairytale towns & castles, German Christmas markets, German food and beer, Bavarian nature and a winter wonderland in the Bavarian Alps!

In this video, we explore the charming town of Bamberg, Germany. We drive from Nuremberg to Bamberg, grab a quick bite to eat and then experience the Bamberg Christmas Market where we finally found the FLAMING WINE, better known as Feuerzangenbowle!

During our road trip across Bavaria, Germany, we’re logging hundreds of miles and taking you along for the ride!

Enjoy our Germany vlogs and we’ll see you in our next one as we KEEP GOING PLACES! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and leave us a COMMENT if you enjoyed our Bamberg Germany travel vlog 🙂

-Ashley & Jordan






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  1. 😀 Neuschwanstein – New swan stone….you pronounce it in a way, that german hear "new cock/dick stone". Perhaps that was the reason for the reaction from the lady 😀 "Schwan (swan)ist the bird -Schwanz means in german dick/cock 😉

  2. For me ( a Person that lives in Bamberg) it is so interisting every time, to see the city from the view from people from the outside. By the way very nice fotage. <3

  3. A wonderful story from the place I was born. I think, we will not have a christmas market in 2020 🙁
    So you should make a story about the breweries in summer 2021

  4. We recently discovered your channel and love your videos. Our vlogging journey is just starting so we're trying to get ideas from established channels. We particularly love your music, do you use a service like Epidemic Sound or do you find other music you can use?

  5. Great video. Really enjoyed all your commentary. I love to travel and am wondering whats the best way to learn how to produce travel videos. What equipment do you reccommend? I am looking to pay someone to help me do this and let me know if you have any friends looking to earn some extra dollars.

  6. Snow, Christmas Market and flaming mug, does it get any better than that? Am super excited to travel vicariously with you all though this part of your journey. Was suppose to be in Bamberg next month as part of our trek but alas that isn't happening (not until next year or 2022 when we go back for the postponed Passionsspiele in Oberammergau). So thanks for the preview of the town. You spent a day there, we were planning on 5. Do you think that's too much time? Stay safe in TX.

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