Germany is so various – Here’s why #Germany #vacation

I lived in both Turkey and Germany and in this movie, I share some cultural differences, cultural clashes, and also similarities I noticed involving the two countries as a total outsider.

More about what it was like for me to stay in Turkey!

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Hello! I am Kelly and I am an American who lived in Germany for eighteen excellent months. When I lived abroad before in Turkey and experienced accomplished pretty a bit of traveling beforehand, individuals eighteen months in Germany absolutely broadened my point of view of Germany, Europe, and even the US in so several various techniques! I wished to share my perceptions with you guys by means of YouTube so that possibly you can achieve context to issues you’ve listened to about, or learn new information or a various point of view, or possibly this is almost everything you’ve listened to before and further confirms your planet view. No make a difference what the explanation, I hope that you get pleasure from my videos! Never ignore to subscribe to my channel and convert on notifications so that you generally know when I am submitting new written content 🙂

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  1. Nobody can compare two countries better, than a person from a third country.
    And a flag, always means pronouncing identity and this is pronouncing difference and separation. It includes or exclude people from your social group, flags are an invention from war business.
    So waving no flags, is a very peaceful sign. Means ' I don't have enemies' or 'I'm not better than you'.

    Interesting point of view about learning german in dayly life in Germany. People want to be helpful and polite, but you consider this as impatient. It's a conflict.
    But I experienced the same, when living in Montreal, trying to learn french without a class. Just impossible.

  2. You had no preference between Muezzin chants and church bells, but slightly prefer Muezzin chants? But I think that's not typical American since many Americans are very Christian.
    Also it didn't really make sense to me that you felt more comfortable in Turkey, even though they hardly spoke English. Yeah, I got it it that they were more patient with your Turkish than the Germans with your German. But what if you had to have or wanted to have a conversation with native people there? Would be easier then in Germany I imagine if you can find more people there that speak English than in Turkey, from the way you told it. Last point: yes, I think there are less street sellers here in Germany since it's probably illegal and also regarded as kind of dodgy. It happened sometimes to me here in Frankfurt, sometimes like gypsy women wanting to sell you roses or drug dealers. But that's criminal of course 😉

  3. While I think that Religion and other cultural factors play a big role I think you underestimate the effect of the weather. If you look in Europe the other countries you see strong work ethic and strong economies in the north and week economies in the south.

    They are even called "PIGS" states one because it's their initials Portugal / Italy / Greece and Spain, but probably also as a insult but maybe I am wrong 😀

    They struggle to compete with our work ethic (and compared to the productivity low wages) of the northern states like Sweden, Netherlands and Germany and a few others.

    You see that also in the US:

    If we ignore DC for a moment the top 10 productive (high GDP) countries are from the North or the West (except Dallaware), and on the lower side are 7 from 10 Countries from the South.

    I don't know the exact temperatures of this states but I am pretty sure that the weather is warmer in the "south".

    I mean it makes sense why should you buy big Tvs, big Computer systems and drive 5 times a year into holliday if you live in a hot place with beaches around you? You need less money, also you have to pay less for heating in the winter. And work at the same time is more anoying in countries with hot weather.

    Sure you have everywhere AC but still it makes a difference. Why would you move to a hot place if you want to work 24/7?

    And back to Turkey I am not sure they have as much AC than the States I doubt it right, so of course they can't work and if you stress somebody he might die from overheating 😀

  4. Thanks for your objective and informative Videos. Please keep on doing that good work. Love to hear the german words from you. They really sounds great.

  5. American football sure exists in Germany but its not very wide spread. One friend of mine plays it and he drives to the training over an hour per way because thats the nearest city that has a club for it at all and we live in the Ruhr region what is by far the most populated area in Germany.

    For speaking english back: we know that not everybody speaks german but most people speak english so we try to make it easier for you beeing in a country which language you dont know… except the dutch. If they speak dutch and we speak german everyone understands 50% and can guess the rest

  6. Kelly my Dear, you can't come over and explain us our History! The winner writes the history or like Abba sang…. the winner takes it all! We understand the turkish very well! They suffer as we do.

  7. Dear Kelly!
    well, once god thought the german tribes and the english ones should be together and so he gave them Australia but they did the same shit, but they had just one great island! The Turkeys came much later over Vienna across the pacific. If you want to know, it was going on, just google turquoise

  8. so you know that germany had to take so much turkish imigrants, because the us military pressured the german gov to do so or else turkey wouldnt have joined the nato (this early)

  9. You are right about the peddlers in Germany. They are discouraged by the society at large, who will call the police. Any selling requires the person selling to pay a fee for having a venue/stand/booth/shop. Selling on the street unless it is in some sort of a market is generally not allowed and discouraged. There are of course exceptions and people do not ususally crack down on buskers if they can sing/play well, but they might be asked to pay a fee if someone finds out about them.

  10. When I was a kid my family often travelled to Turkey for summer vacation and I honestly didn't remembered that there are so much turkish flags but what I do remember and most certainly will never forget is a ride with a taxi to a city nearby the hotel. It was more than just scary. They overtake other vehicles as they want and it doesn't seem they have to see if there are any oncoming cars or trucks. I would definetly get an heart attack if I had to drive there.

  11. Another difference that just came to my mind: Turkey has banned YouTube multiple times over the last years. Lots of censorship happening because of Erdogan and many journalists are in prison because they said their opinions out loud.

  12. If I as a german would have to choose where to travel turkey or the US I just would be question myself to which point of the US and this has a few reasons. At first the politics is so different – while turkey has a kind of dictatorship (if you are not for the President you might get imprisioned, he builds right into a natural reservoire and so on) the americans have just an unappealing President who is very undiplomatic. But in the US this affects not the lives of visitors or the citizens. In both countries you see trash lieing around that nobody cares, but while in the US that is a sign of criminal gangs when you see burned down cars or trash in the gardens it seems to be normal to me that in turkey the household trash was thrown out of the cars to leave those plastic bags on the sides of the streets, and nobody cares. And the most annoying thing for me is: if you have a problem which can be fixed if you quickly need to buy something, you are able to do that in the US as long as you are in reach of a grocery store ore whatever you need – hop in, grab it, go to the cash register and you're done. But in Turkey that is so much different… at first you need to find the right salesman, then you need to check if the quality of the sold product might be acceptable and not any cheap copy that is expensive because of being useless and at least you have to haggle about the price and when the salesman sees that you are in a hurry – the price will be a lot more expansive and all of that without warranty. But most Turkish people in turkey were a lot friendlier than nearly all the turkish people I have met in germany.

  13. no one is officially "paddeling" stuff because it is a business and you have to registrate every business, otherwise it is illegal and the police will have to react. Unofficially: go through the right places and maybe someone will sell you things – most times it is illegal stuff like weapons or drugs… But as German I like it a lot to not have to deal with those pushy "paddeling" guys which are like those guys in night clubs: "Wolle Rose kaufe?" or those horrible guys selling you sun glasses on the beaces in Italy and when the first is gone the next will come…

  14. Values about society is very different in those 2 countries.

    Knowing people from Turkey.
    Laws and execution are very different and are not in peace with Germany or for that matter the other way around.

    Germany at least from what I gathered gets lesser and lesser christian (good cause laws gets friendlier). In school 3 big religions are covered. Yes many christian based institution. But they are not so enforcing

    At least you having a good time was great.
    Probably the place you were also had a big impact on your experience.

  15. Cant comment on content having lived in neither but it was very interesting and i think you should do another one on the differences as well as one on just living in Turkey. Love your videos.

  16. Always interesting to hear you talk of the differences in different counties. Yes, do make a part 2 to this video. I'm sure there is much more on your mind for us! Oh, and i'm really enjoying your morning IG bike rides. Feel like I'm getting a mini tour of places I havn't been to in years..

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