Germany in 8K ULTRA HD – Nature with Palaces & Castles #Germany #travel

This videos you can use for learn Germany’s Nature, about place, River, Country, City, etc with Ultra-HD resolution.

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1. Wimbachklamm gorge with several small waterfall streams and wooden hiking path 0:00
2. Hintersee lake and fir trees in dusk blue hour in Ramsau Berchtesgaden, Germany 0:15
3. Beautiful lake with hill, Time-lapse 0:20
4. Tourists and residents of Munich on its main square near the old town hall 0:28
5. Aerial view beautiful green forest and lake 0:34
6. Beautiful view of yellow and green field in Saargau Merzkirchen, Germany 0:41
7. The grand building of the cathedral in berlin, Germany 0:54
8. Nepomuk statue and the moon in Heidelberg 1:17
9. Aerial view of Hohenzollern castle Germany aerial 1:22
10. Aerial view of Hamburg, Germany at night 1:43
11. Nice afternoon with Statue, Palaces & castle 2:03
12. Aerial view of beautiful lake and green hill 2:15
13. Berlin city at night in Germany, Aerial view 2:20
14. Marienplatz in the center of Munich, German 2:44
15. Historic center of Munich and golden statue 2:54
16. Countryside at winter season in Germany 3:12
17. Yellow rapeseed fields in Saargau Merzkirchen, Germany 3:36
18. Time-lapse of the bundestag is one of the symbols of berlin 3:48
19. Gendarmenmarkt square in berlin is the main tourist attraction 3:54
20. German cities at night, Time-Lapse 4:14
21. Brandenburg gate over sunset 4:34
22. Architecture of City Skyline at Sunset in Germany 4:44
23. European central bank building in downtown Frankfurt, Germany 4:58
24. Luxury carnival in Bavaria king and queen in magnificent suits 5:07
25. Countryside road in Germany 5:25
26. Wimbachklamm gorge with several small waterfall 5:52
27. Dinosaurs in Europe natural history museum in berlin, Germany 5:52
28. Stained glass window tilt in cathedral of cologne Dom 6:00
29. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany 6:19
30. Time-lapse of a medieval man sculpture 6:34
31. Church Forest Nature with Clouds 6:46
32. Torgau castle flyover the Schloss Hartenfels in German 6:55
33. Reformation history of Worms cathedral in Germany 7:27
34. Statues of Karl Marx and Friedrich 7:39
35. Aerial view of the berlin cathedral in Germany 7:46
36. Marienplatz square next the new town hall 7:59
37. Skyscraper of Head office, ubs group 8:26
38. Aerial View of Marienplatz square 8:35
39. Equestrian statue of Friedrich Wilhelm 9:16
40. Exterior of the gethsemane church in Germany 9:34
41. Aerial view of OF Resort Lake 9:42
42. Pilgrimage church of St Coloman near neuschwanstein castle 9:58
43. Aerial foggy clouds in eisenach, Germany 10:11

►►Due to writing limitations, other place in short brief –

10:22 Neuschwanstein castle
10:49 Pilgrimage church
11:08 Trakai Island Castle
12:08 Aerial view of Wartburg castle
12:23 Hohenzollern castle in Germany
12:37 Drone view of neuschwanstein castle
12:51 Cinematic view of green field and hill
13:04 White winter wonderland scenery
13:22 Statues of children sculptures plant
13:31 Beautiful waterfall
13:46 Elevated highway in Germany
14:12 Coin telescope with Lake
14:28 Old bridge at sunset, Heidelberg
14:43 Time-lapse of Bruchsal
14:54 Time-lapse Brandenburg gate
15:06 Torgau castle
15:18 Cottage of countryside in Germany
15:36 Main square near the old town hall
15:45 The hamburg rathaus
15:56 River in the center of berlin
16:22 Frauenkirche in munich
16:44 Marienplatz town hall
17:10 Bundestag in Germany
17:16 Gendarmenmarkt square in berlin
17:32 Marienplatz town hall (part 2)
17:45 Night cities in Germany
18:06 Munich City Center
18:29 Majestic parliament building in munich
18:41 Martin luther monastery church
18:51 Grove Picturesque Peaks
19:07 Clock of marienplatz town hall
19:28 Brandenburg gate
19:34 End Title

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  2. That's not a good representation of Germany. It's very Southern Bavaria heavy and some major cities North of it. But there are almost 18 million Germans living in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Leaving out NRW is like making a video about the United Kingdom and forgetting about England or making a video about the United States and forgetting about New York. Even beautiful cities in Northern Bavaria like Nuremberg are completely missing. Where is Dresden in Eastern Germany? Germany consists of many different local cultures like no other country in this world. That should have been an opportunity to make a proper representation of these different cultures. Too many videos about 'Germany' that just show Southern Bavaria, but actually it is the least typical German place in Germany. It has more in common with Austria. They don't even have Fachwerkhäuser there. You could at least have shown some of our 2 million Fachwerkhäuser, a true representation of traditional German architecture. I would say the Fachwerkhaus is some of the most German thing at all. They are all over Germany, but guess where they don't have some? Right in Southern Bavaria. Because Southern Bavaria is completely untypical for Germany.

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