Germany, Denmark & Sweden. Eventually in Norway! Van conversion Europe journey, episode #3 #Germany #vacation

Past aspect –
4 international locations in just a single vacation online video! Germany, Denmark, Sweden and arriving in Norway in 3 days. No cost tenting, bathing, content pet dog, beautiful bridges and old castle – all in a single online video.

Upcoming aspect we will get started with lovely Norway. Be organized for nature awesomeness.
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  1. hmm, why did you pay 150 euros? was that a return ticket? It should only be 95 euros for a car between 6 and 10 meters. (glad mine is 5.4 meters, i only pay 40 euros one way, or with bropass, i pay 15 euros one way. if youd had gotten bropass, you would have paid 70 euros one way) haha your dog is crazy!

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