German Vacationer Vs American Cop! | INSULTED AND THREATENED! | Boneclinks Response! Respond-Clinks! #Germany #vacation

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  1. Wieso droht der ihm gleich mit Knast? Man kann es auch übertreiben der ist nur zu schnell gefahren er soll ihm den scheiss Strafzettel geben und nicht voll sülzen

  2. So was ähnliches würde in Deutschland freundlicher, aber unter Umständen genau so unangenehm ablaufen.
    "Wissen sie, wie schnell man hier fahren darf"
    "Öh nein"
    "Gut, aussteigen, Alkoholkontrolle, Drogentest. Ist der Verbandskasten noch gültig? Profiltiefe der Reifen?"

  3. Going nearly 30 mph over the speed limit! Imagine going 50 in a 30.. That's what this compares to.. Of course the cop is gonna be pissed! Are you stupid? There are laws for a reason.. To keep people safe..

  4. The problem is that every dumb person can become a police officer in like 6 month or something in the usa. In Germany they actually get trained to uphold the law and protect civilisation. In other words be civil and professional. This poilce officer is a dickhead and so up his own ass that he cannot see what a dick he is

  5. "germany boy" and "why are you driving in my country?" ….full of disrespect …cant believe it. no wonder everyone starts shooting others in the US …

  6. We need cops like him here in Germany! People dont care about parts on the Autobahn with speed limits and have no respect to police officers at all. I would love it so much! Texan cops should teach our cops and a year later no idiots would drive on the Autobahn anymore. Hell ya! I enjoyed this video soo much! Thx now I got a good feeling between my legs

  7. i totally understand him though in germany 100ish miler per hour is sort of the normal rate for cars on the autobahn anything slower and you get bored to death . my normal going on the autobahn is between 120-140 especially at night when there is not much traffic thats like the perfect speed for distance

  8. He just wanted some fun with the kid. The cop is probably a vet or a former drill instructor and thats how they educate, was a drill instructor myself for 4 years in the german army. He was not polite, but he didnt give em a ticket either. So no harm no feel.

  9. This stupid redneck cop drives me crazy! What hes doing is racism Im not one of those "Love the world, fuck trees, hipster" BUT If a german cop would do this to an american driver in germany he probably would lose his job. This video just is an example for showing that americans are way more racism/Nazis than germans these days. For sure not everyone only a small percent. But the states are so big that its wothwhile. Americans call germans Nazis but dont realize that hundereds of black people get shot by police.. Sorry but americans in general are really stupid compared to the rest of the world because they can not "look above the edge of the plate"

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