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Royal Tour ideal bits: The Cambridges in Poland and Germany #Germany #travel

We choose a appear back at the ideal moments from the 5-working day Royal tour of Germany and Poland. Prince William and Kate ended up accompanied by their kids Princess Charlotte and Prince George who furnished unlimited entertainment. Get the newest headlines: Subscribe: Like us on Fb: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+ […]


  1. The Nazi's where unimaginably sick in the head! They used Jews to do their dirty work for them. They would haul them and their entire family into the death camps. Then they killed murdered their entire family. They stuffed their moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents into gas chambers to kill them. Then they shoved their bodies into cremation ovens and cremated the bodies. If that isn't sick enough, they also forced the jews to assist them with gasing and burning their own people up. They made them do the dirty work of grabbing the dead bodies, and shoving them into cremation ovens! The sickening smell of the dead bodies burning would fill the entire camp! I can't even imagine the horror of watching people murder my whole family, and then force me to assist them with their murders and clean up! It's too hard to grasp!

  2. Forma przekazu dla swiata jest Trafiona.. szkoda w tym najwieksza ze nadal POLACY korzystaja z produktow wyprodukowanych przez firmy ktore mialy staly udzial w " rozwoju" obozow w POLSCE i sie przez ten udzial bogacily. Nie jest to wstyd dla POLAKA z pokoleniowymi polskimi korzeniami , bez domieszki krwi zydowskiej , zachwycac sie chociazby posiadaniem Volkswagena GOLF ? lub innych firm produktami…. firm w tym przekazie wymienionych? . Zacznijmy MY Polacy wpierw szanowac siebie , to i swiat nas zacznie inaczej spostrzegac. Same filmy na ten temat wiele nam nie pomoga.. by swiat nas przestal traktowac tak jak sobie to Inni wydumali.

  3. Unspeakable cruelty and barbarism perpetrated by the Nazi regime on totally innocent
    men, women and children. In the name of what ? Germany will never live down the crimes
    committed during this time period and the stain it left for all time.

  4. We're almost at a point now where folks are almost sympathetic at Germanys suffering during and after the war. How the fuck did that happen. No one no nation is perfect but the Holocaust is beyond comprehension and people are still alive who survived and remember it. It's tangable and that's worrying, those fairly recent outlooks still exist but we have the Internet to distract us now. Surely no Ill can come of that.

  5. This is pure BULLSHIT propaganda!!! Zyclon was used for controlling lice, it was used 2 ways. As a pellet thrown/ scattered all over, and sprayed on tje body liquefied in watter… Even the SS used it on themselves! The creamatory's was never meant to get rid of thousands of bodys, that's mathematically impossable even for modern-day crematorium! It was admitted that nothing was made out of human skin, & there never was human soap! It's proven & admitted by the investigators & alleged witness after the kangaroo court exicuted innocent solders!!! People study the facts before you re-read so called history books. This is all a lie, it's the holohoax

  6. About 300,000 gypsies were also murdered. Well presented. And while 6 million Jews were murdered, 7 million were robbed by the Germans even after the war / Reunification in 1990. So it is true about the skin. Did not know about belts. I had heard lamp shades. Also did not realise that it was painful and took 20 minutes to die.

  7. I hate my birth mothers family, pure evil as they were nazis, and I cannot forgive them and my mother for standing idly by and doing nothing and allowing this atrocity to happen again and again! She made me think like her!!!! But I saw the light!

  8. You can Blame "All" Germans But it wasn't like that Nazi's had the focus on what they wanted As they took a broken and poor Germany and built it back up and feed the people and gave them jobs Many "Germans" that before hand were jobless had what little money they had was worthless It was ideal to join the party ..I dont know about you But if someone gave me a loaf of bread to feed my family and told me to show up at a Arms factory tomorrow morning for work..guess what I would vote for that person ..Not knowing that they will kill millions of Jews ..Yup i would Me myself killing people? No but YOu can also point a finger at the rest of the world for Hitlers uprising If it wasnt for the greed of Americas Stock market and the crash of 1929 or the dispute of German land after ww1 and paying back war funds to other countries Germany would of been able to stay afloat And the would of been no need to overthrow it ..Hitler would never came into power in the first place

  9. Garbage. There were no "death camps" in Germany, and there were no gas chambers, either. The holocaust is a sick lie and German never murdered anyone. The research is all there for those who will look into it.

  10. O austriackich obozach śmierci (np. o Mauthausen-Gusen) nie wspomina się równie ochoczo, jak o niby polskich obozach zagłady. Nawiasem mówiąc, Mauthausen-Gusen był to bardzo ciężki obóz, często uważany za gorszy od Auschwitz. Zginęło tam ok. 35 tys. Polaków, głównie inteligencji, bo taką rolę polegającą na eksterminacji światłych i wykształconych wrogów III Rzeszy (czytaj: Niemiec oraz Austrii) obóz ten w dużej mierze pełnił.

  11. It is important to know what really happened then and to what extent the things really happened. I was born long after the war in 1962. As a German I am concerned with what certain people have done with these events of that time and still do with them. Unfortunately, the truth, which I do not deny, has degenerated into sloppy propaganda driven by people who unfortunately are no better than the Nazis of that time. It is now so that my parents, myself, my children and my grandchildren bear no responsibility for what happened. And it is perfectly legitimate that as a German I say that it is not because of being German what was done back then. All nations of this world can be plunged into such a mass delusion in only a short time. I even believe that there are signs of it among the former victorious powers. I am fed up with being pushed into a hereditary debt for all eternity by people who think in the same way as the Nazis thought at the time. Does the world think that the Germans are stupid? What a silly mistake to think like that. We may well see our guilt from then on, as a nation. But we also see who it is who is willing to give us this debt forever to make a profit, politically and financially!

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