German civilians check out the Buchenwald focus camp in Weimar, Germany. Hd Stock Footage #Germany #travel

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German civilians check out the Buchenwald focus camp in Weimar, Germany.

Focus camps in Germany. German civilians march in direction of Buchenwald focus camp. They enter the camp grounds and look at a screen of parchments of human skin, lampshade created of human skin and two shrunken heads. A man displays them to the civilians. Trench toes of a focus camp target uncovered to display the deficiency of treatment at the camp. Bones and corpses of victims piled up onto a truck as German civilians glance at it. Locale: Weimar Germany. Date: April 16, 1945.

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  1. Germans knew exactly what was happening in those camps. Bunch of fucking liars if they say they didn't. They brought hitler to power and were fine with his extermination plot.

  2. Just another jewish holohoax and every day reminder of people to feel pity to Jewish people!!!Why would Germans wich are the smartest people on planet put such ammount of resources to kill jews.when they could easily put them behind barbwire and few machine guns around and few drunk solders to watch thaz zhey didnt escape.and than just wait a fee days without water and the kike eisenhowr did to getlrman solders.I thik it would be much much faster and much muc much cheaper.Makes no sense.They could easily do this but they didnt intentialy kill people cus are to kind.There was a deal with ZIONISTS and German goverment that if Jews want in Palestine they must know some profesion or expert work every kind to be posible to survive and benefit to New jewish state wich was formed after war.And Zionists didnt want people without skills to benefit to state.even that was a posible death to Jewish people.They dont care.They are so cruel to even leave members of families behind if they havent any money or was very sick or didnt want go along with Zionists rules.So this people were put behind and puted in LABOR CAMPS to work and tought some skill to be prepared for new kvotes for Palestine destination.Meanwhile the allies bombed most of railways and farmausutical complex and destroyed food and medicine and transport to camps.The getmans even put a big sign of red cros to aeroplanes that they could see that they need food and medicine to inmates but they didnt care and evrn bombed a few camps.So the Germans were put in situation to move the people to far away camps.But among inmates were very few percent JEWISH people.but they still clame a number six godzilion.where are other victims?well this number was inventedd out almost 10years before the war and is evrything in newspapers in documents!The whole number of Jews were litlle les than 6milion of ALL Jews in Europe.But after war were many many survivors but still claim that six milion Jews died on the bad bad Nazi hand!!!cmon people wake up there is a big lie in progres!The truth doesnt fear any investigation!!!The six milion number was oficialy reduced from six milion to 700 000 victims from every camp under German comand.but this are not just Jews there were other nations too.But for mass media is stil-Six milion jews died in gaz chamberz under bad bad nazi that every year are more and more survivors on jewish side?but other nations who were there too in war era are every year less and less people who were on labof work in Germany?how is that?even in jewish world almanach where is number how msny Jews are living all over the word is no significant drop of world population of jewish people..not even a few couple hundred and not six milion!?!?!?Comon people there something doesnt smell i said the truth doesnt fear any investigation or revision!There are not any document any kind about final solution.and we know that Germans have very very strict rules about orders and final solution is very important acusation(oreder)isnt it?People were dying in camps but 99.9% were not itentional deaths.some of them could be executed from guards but nothing like jews want present to mas brainwashing peoples minds.The truth will prevail!

  3. Why hitler hated the jews
    >His mother doctor was jewish he failed to cure hitler mother from cancer
    > rejected from jewish art school
    > Economic Downfall
    > he saw jewish men take what he perceived as Aryan women ofc Jews were wealthy at that time
    > Frustration and Anger
    > has to use as a scapegoat to invade europe

  4. Wow. That's unbelievable. Now germans are shamelessy tring to say that death camps were polish. That is SO WRONG. Dead camps were GERMAN, managed by GERMANS on a polish, czech, german etc. teritories occupied by GERMANS.

  5. know seriously Its a joke getting the germans to go tour the death camps ..the civilians hate the jewish people just as much as the people doing the killing …I knew many an old German not one of them was sympathetic towards the jews …these people are acting and pretending to be shocked ..but they knew and they supported it ….A good German friend of mine just died his father was a Nazi buddy thought the jews were a lower race of people ….It's still in their blood for those that don't know ..the racism has been passed down threw the generations ….and I speak the truth ….

  6. I dont fucking get it. You have real statements from nazis exposing themselfs and video evidence showing them kill hundreds of thousands and even in this video you have a what seems to be a truck or something FULL with dead corpses. And yet some fucking bellend says "This didnt happend no jews where killed".. What the fuck is wrong with you seriusly? Telling me to prove that it happend.. Well shit, Prove that this DIDNT happend bitch.

  7. "Ve Huns do not vant to see dis! Ve vant our Fuhrer back!" These have got to be some of the most unattractive, heartless civilians Germany had to offer. Sows! Suuuuuuuueeeeey!

  8. That's a beautiful thing though, forcing them to take a "tour". Force them to really see what they allowed to happen literal blocks away from their homes in some cases. Should've put them all through a week living inside there to REALLY hit it home.

  9. The largest truther and proof positive of the crimes was the Nazi's themselves they had to have paperwork and the Soviets had tons of it literally when the Soviet fell the paperwork was released and the world ignored it because it was a Zionist plot to deceive the world

  10. Dude, I can bet ya if Eisenhower didn't order the gruesome tour of the liberated camps, this video wouldn't exist and everyone would be onboard the holocaust denying bandwagon down several decades, and that ain't cool.

  11. Okay, so these camps were around towns so they were able to smell the burning of the body, that smell you get when you sort of pass the flat iron on your hair. Were they not aware of this? Or they were? Why didnt they try to find out what was going on? What was told the german community about this smell?

  12. Should have mentioned that those soap and lampshades alleged to be made of human skin shown on the display table have all been proven to be completely false and these lampshades arent even in any german museum today because even the germans realized yeah that was exaggerated.

  13. the faces they made. i wonder. does it mean they realized the lies they were told? the words that were used are nothing but pretty things that pleased their own fantasies? their leaders dreams are a nightmare to others.

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