G Adventures – Virtual Tour of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Join our CEO, Marina for a stroll around Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires where you’ll learn about its history, delectable food scene and its best-kept secrets. Of course, when we can travel again, Buenos Aires still deserves a spot on top of your list. There’s nothing quite like wandering through the colourful streets of La Boca, the birthplace of tango or catching a performance at the Teatro Colón in person.

But until then… Stay home. Stay kind. Stay connected

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Many of you have asked how you can further support your CEO while they’re not able to lead tours. So we set up the CEO Wellbeing Fund, where you can make a donation that will be matched by our Captain Bruce Poon Tip up to $50,000 CAD:


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  1. My partner and I booked a trip to hike the Inca Trail in December 2019 for June 2020.

    We were informed that our trip was cancelled and our deposit was being converted to a lifetime deposit.

    We appealed because this is a PANDEMIC after all and people are sick and dying and economically suffering.

    We were given a lecture via email about the tourism economy and told our deposit had already been paid to providors and then also told our "Lifetime Deposit" could be a gift to someone else, or donate to Planeterra, G Adventures nonprofit arm. So, did they pay providers with the deposit or is it available to gift or donate??? Also, If I wanted to make a philanthropic donation, I would make it to a nonprofit of MY choosing, not that of G Adventures.

    It is wholly unethical for G Adventures to keep deposits in the situation of a pandemic. There is no guarantee that I or my partner will survive to use our deposits or to gift it to someone else There is no guarantee that G Adventures will even stay in business and survive the pandemic.

    Not issuing refunds during these times, and operating so unethically when people are sick, dying, and financially suffering, is unconsciounable. G Adventures reputation is completely soiled. As a company and as humans G Adventures should be ashamed.

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