Funny Side Up: The Eggstremely Witty Joke Book Kindle Edition FREE at Amazon #traveldeals

Never marry a tennis player.
Love means nothing to them.

I think I might have scoliosis. How do I know?
Let’s just say, I have a hunch.

I just heard there’s a nudist’s convention next week.
I might go if I’ve got nothing on.

Do you think oranges become juice willingly?
Or are they getting pressured into it?

I have a phobia of speed bumps, but I’m slowly getting over it.

Seriously, what are Roman numerals actually good IV?

I got a rejection letter from the origami university today.
I’m not sure what to make of it.


This book contains some jokes which may be unsuitable for kids.


Grab a paperback copy of this book – it makes for a neat little gift for Christmas and birthdays!

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