Fulfill The Abundant Younger Ghanaian Doctor In South Africa

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  1. Brong Ahafo doesn't speak bono but they speaks both twi and Bono. So she is right but 3y3 nhwehw3 anim, because she can't tell me she can't speak proper twi if she stayed in Ghana for 10 good year.

  2. My bro i think you saod you finished universités but you are assking questions that are not relèvent ( why did you naturalisa fot south africa we dont ask such questions ok ) if you meet kofi Kingston ask him why he naturels for USA . pleace you have being in this game for long upgrades your self bro

  3. Hello I’m very proud of you Lovern, my daughter is 10 years now n has completed modeling school in 2018, she really would like someone who can sponsor her in South Africa, she’s originally from Ghana but naturalized in America, she was born n lived in America with her mother Can u please help her since her mother tried to make her dreams come through. How can we get in touch?

  4. I Am not competing with Anyone. He knows I helped him to Get where he is Now….& that’s the main thing. People don’t always av to say thank u……..God will reward me at the Right Time

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