French vacationer stabbed in neck in Bo-Kaap 30 APRIL 2019

French vacationer stabbed in neck in Bo-Kaap
News / 30 APRIL 2019, twelve:52PM / CATHERINE RICE

CAPE Town – A French vacationer was mugged, robbed of her backpack and stabbed in the neck on Tuesday early morning in the historic Bo-Kaap, formerly regarded as the Malay Quarter.

The incident took place in Chiappini Avenue, a colourful row of residences, that attracts hundreds of holidaymakers on a every day foundation.

Bo-Kaap resident Tristan Chesselet informed the African News Agency (ANA) that he heard a lady screaming assist and went to look into.

He claimed neighbours had currently rushed to her support exactly where she was lying on the pavement, bleeding from the violent attack.

“She was crying, I am not absolutely sure how significant the wound was. Some of our neighbours had been currently exterior. The ambulance and police took forty five minutes to arrive on the scene,” Chesselet claimed.

The incident was captured on CCTV footage from the digital camera of a resident’s house.

Chesselet’s girlfriend, Lucy Martin, claimed muggings are commonplace. “We have a mugging when a week, a number of a thirty day period. It’s mainly holidaymakers currently being mugged, largely all through the day, all through the week.”

Law enforcement could not quickly be achieved for remark.

French vacationer stabbed in neck in Bo-Kaap | Cape Argus


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  1. Something similar happened to an American girl in Table view just north of capetown near a back packers, a group of American students were walking back to the back packers one night and they were jumped by multiple muggers wanting their phones etc, one girl refused to give her belongings to the mugger and was then stabbed i think it was 3 times in her back with a short screw driver. Luckily all wounds were superficial however the events of that evening must be haunting her to this day. Living in South Africa is like being in prison, its only relatively safe in your own cell i.e your bedroom, when your burglar bars are secure, security gates locked, doors and windows locked up, house alarm on, intrusion detection systems active and dogs wide awake and electric fences switched on then only do you feel safe enough to fall asleep at nights…

  2. Why are these tourists of the belief that South African Blacks would not harm them? You are fodder for these thugs. You cannot walk in the streets in South Africa since apartheid ended. That is why we had separate development. They are uncivilised thieves and rapists. They do not have any empathy for other people. All they do is rob, rape and steal and nowadays, they burn everything that does not belong to them! Disgusting pigs!

  3. This is how we live in South Africa.
    2 months ago I was also attacked by a black male at the traffic light with a massive knife but I managed to see him coming and got out of the situation.
    I reported the case to tableview police station and they refused to state the fact a black attacked me and open a case. With my attorney present they opened the case only to close it 6 weeks later saying no evidence, even that it happened in front of a cctv camera shows you that our police force is run by EFF and ANC criminals. Criminals with a badge and there foot soldiers on the streets.

  4. Thanks Mandela/ANC…your covernment SUCKS.S.A.became most brutal country in the world since they took over.Whites and others are brutally murdered on daily basis…even for your cellphone.All done by black thugs.THE WORLD MUST SEE AND LEARN about this(and they forced let a murder-communist bomber out the jail…to become our 2faced leader in 1994).All this started after ANC is in power

  5. The anterior insular cortex is the seat of empathy in human beings; tests have revealed that when psychopaths are shown images of victims being hurt/tortured/abused, their anterior insular cortex shows no activity; in fact, these tests have shown that it is the pleasure centre of their brain that lights up like a Christmas tree when they view those images! The psychopathically-wired mind enjoys violence in all its permutations!
    It is very possible that cultures with a developed bloodlust (they send the violent crime stats of any country they're in, through the roof), have a collective underactive anterior insular cortex.
    Interestingly enough, when psychopaths are shown simulated images of themselves being hurt/tortured/injured, their anterior insular cortex does show activity: their brains have seemingly not developed past that of a child under the age of two: children start showing signs of empathy for others at around two years of age.

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