French Buenos Aires Argentina: Mud Flood Digital Tour

In reaction to a comment, I just take a virtual tour in Buenos Aires and verify out the awesome “French” type structures. In other places, it really is named “Colonial” or “Greco-Roman” or “Baroque” type but it really is the identical thing, identical signature architecture all more than the planet. Most museums, government structures, synagogs, submit places of work are constructed in this type. To me, this is surely a signature Tartarian / Atlantis type architecture and it really is incredibly entire of intricate information.


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  1. I’ve analyzed some ancient buildings pictures of Sao Paulo (my city in Brazil), places such as municipal theater, municipal market, the train station of Luz and some others of the old center of SP and I think you need to take a look at Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is another city that pursue amazing Tartarian constructions!

  2. I'm from Buenos Aires and there are legends from Patagonia of a race of giants that were the Gate Keepers of Antartica and the Black Goo which was the Real reason for The Falklands ( Malvinas ) War with England in the early 80's. That's why Buenos Aires was such an Amazing Pre Flood City also one of the first cities with Subway like in England or New York

  3. I still don't understand about this empire Tartaria (Tartaria magna et petite) , like which duration of time they're been exist and what they did .. so are they giants or titans ? and what is their origin ? and what is their tech ? i've watched couple videos from your channel about them but you highlight their existence through the maps .. after that what is reset ? i'm still confused ..

  4. This ties right in with everything you've been talking about, from cataclysms and resets, to advanced intelligence flat earth and hidden lands.

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  5. I will watch this later. Quick question, did you look at the aerial view of this site? There is a rectangle of power as I call them just, just 3 blocks away. And the embassy itself appears to be in its own rectangle of power, along with another one to the west. …and the very curious coincidence of the train tracks next to the rectangle of power. Very interesting, I hope to tackle trains and tunnels this week. Awesome work my friend.

  6. Greetings from Great Tartaria nothing surprises me any more the parasites are doing their best to destroy our history even here in Australia I feel something big is going to happen very soon. keep up the good work Barnabas

  7. Once in South America, why not cross the Rio de la Plata and check Montevideo,Uruguay, out! Aqueducts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( supposedly constructed by the" Portuguese ") and in Mexico City ( supposedly constructed by the Spaniards) deserve investigation as well…
    And the star-forts? All over the Brazilian coast….

  8. Can someone add up all the classical, old world and "neoclassical" Tartarian / Atlantis buildings/Architecture, there must be tens of millions in Europe alone! half of which was meant to built between 1600 and 1800, Never mind all the Architecture that was destroyed in the "fires".. ! Worldwide, I reckon at least 100 million Tartarian / Atlantis buildings still standing and the same amount and more for all the "classical" bridges, archs and semi destroyed odd and ends.. .

  9. While the exposure of ancient buildings whose lower floors were somehow covered in dirt and whose build dates have come into question continues, I've noticed that coverage and questions about Starforts have waned. Free energy, how they did it and how we can utilise it today, is an important question and one of the main reasons we've been lied to. Which came first, Starforts or what we are now calling Tartarian gothic/greco roman architecture? Not trying to dictate what should be examined, just saying Starforts seem to have been lost in the shuffle……

  10. Thank you for your research. Am fan of Tycho Brahe, so checked his papers, maps, etc for ‘i’ in date. Yes dates show 1 as Capital ‘I’. However he also dated with Roman numerals, which start with ‘M’, so that seemed curious. Am wondering your thoughts?

  11. You always see the completed building photos but never the construction photos particularly the buildings that were built in 1, 2 , 3, 4 etc years. These building are everywhere but no construction photos?????

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