Freiburg — A Sustainable City Trip in Germany | Discover Freiburg by Bike and Longboard #Germany #travel

The German city of Freiburg is considered a pioneer in environmentally friendly urban development. DW Travel guide Lukas Stege explores the city on the edge of the Black Forest using sustainable transportation like a bike or a longboard. His trip through Freiburg leads him from the Münster Market to the Vauban district. Come and join him!

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  1. Just to be clear, the uneven and messy appearance of the buildings in Vauban (shown here) has nothing to do with sustainability at all.

  2. I lived in Freiburg until I was 18 (which is only 1,5 years ago) and I can confirm that it really is a very beatiful and modern city with many green parts and a great public transportation system. The biggest problems are, as mentioned, the very high rents, they are among the highest in all of Germany.
    9:10 This is NOT the way from Himmelreich to Freiburg! It´s the way from Freiburg to Günterstal (a part of Freiburg on paper, but it looks more like a village. You can see it at 9:25 in the background.) Anyway, good documentary about my home town 🙂

  3. Vauban's Block-type thermal power plant being seen as sustainable is a quite old misconception isn't it? Haven't we clarified that burning wood isn't the "greenest" way to produce energy and definitely not co2 neutral?

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