Free ebook – Chess For Beginners: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide On How To Play via Amazon #traveldeals

Would you like to become a master at chess and use all the best strategies available to win every game, without having to spend hours and hoursstudying overcomplicated guides?

Then keep reading…

This Step-By-Step Guide will teach you everything you need to knowto be able to playchess easily, starting from the most basics information, until the top-class strategies and techniques used by professional players.

Thanks to this Easy-to-Follow Guide, you will also learn:

– Everything about The History Of Chess, so you will know when chess was invented and by whom, to realize why it’s such an incredible brain-boosting activity

– How to Start Playing Chess From Zero, thanks to a step-by-step process that will make sure you’ll have all the knowledge you need about the rules, the pieces, and the board so that you can start playing immediately

– The Most Essential Beginner Friendly Strategies, so you will have different strategies that you can apply to always gain the advantage over your opponent

– The Most Powerful Moves to Win a Game, like the En Passant move, or the Castling move, that can be real game-changers and allow you to close the match in no time

-What are the Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, by understanding what are the most common and frequent errors that chess players do, in order for you to avoid them easily

– …& Much More!

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