Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires Celebrates 90th Year of La Mansión with UNICEF Benefit Gala

On the 90th Anniversary of the Mansion, August 30, 2011, the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires organized a Benefit Gala inspired by the decade of the twenties. The event was sponsored by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (AA2000) and all proceeds benefitted UNICEF.

Ernesto Gutiérrez, president of AA2000; Rebeca Selley, the Hotel general manager; and Natalia Oreiro, patroness of this event, were the hosts for the evening. They expressed their gratitude of all who participated and the commitment with solidarity expressed by all of the people present.

More than 200,000 pesos were collected during the night. The total amount collected was allocated to “Safe and Family-Oriented Maternities” which works toward the implementation of good practices for pregnant women and their babies in more than 100 big maternities and hospitals. Moreover, it also seeks to improve the quality of their attention and to reduce mother-infant mortality rates.

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