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Lets Speak ABOUT Foodstuff! I am presently in route to Germany you fellas, wish me a risk-free flight and send out loads of really like my way, so I have some thing constructive to read through when I land. I will be uploading a vlog by Tuesday/Wednesday ideally.

Given that staying in the United states of america I have obtained 500lbs and have obtained my outdated tastebuds for United states of america meals…. Some of the meals I will overlook and some meals I won’t be equipped to obtain in Germany BUT that comes with residing in distinctive international locations. As well as… my human body will thank me down the street. Do not get me mistaken, these meals are not particular just to the United states of america but I have only eaten/experienced them in the United states of america.

The detail I overlook the most is Mexican meals (the pickles are really superior on the list as nicely) and I you should not know if I will be equipped to previous so extensive devoid of enchiladas in my existence. I might have to make a vacation to obtain some Mexican-esque meals.

If you live in an additional state (not just Germany) and there are selected meals you overlook make sure you let me know in the remark part, I guarantee to reply responses as soon as I land in Germany and have experienced time to Slumber!!

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  1. Good morning German friends, good evening other friends! Today I am going to Germany and will be able to re"Germanize" my tastebuds BUT it will take awhile. Thanks so much for watching and as always (I feel like I repeat myself) the best way to help out is by sharing the video and liking it! Bis bad <3

  2. Ich vermisse nichts. Als ich ein Jahr in Amerika war habe ich so unglaublich viel zugenommen. Das Essen dort ist so ungesund, überzuckert und voller künstlicher Aromen. Das mexikanische Essen schmeckt wirklich gut, ist aber auch gleichzeitig sehr kalorienreich.

  3. There are often Cooking seminars with the topic of Thanksgiving dinner at the Volkshochschulen in Munich. I myself even had one myself as a part of a longer seminar. But there are also one day seminars that focus simply on not only cooking tradition but also celebrating the occasion with others. Wouldn't that be an option?

  4. I’m wondering: how often do you eat those in the states? I guess it’s more nostalgia that makes you crave them instead of they really tasting good. I know the feeling of craving childhood treats when you can’t get them but when you actually get them you realize that they don’t taste as good as you imagined them in your head. and then the feeling goes away
    BTW: try a Russian grocery store in Germany. They usually have an insane amount of pickle varieties

  5. Ich glaube Salza würde mir in den USA besser schmecken. Die deutsche Salza ist mir immer zu süß. Und die aus den USA sah fast aus wie selbstgemacht. Das würde mir ab jetzt Arbeit sparen. Ich mache mir Salza meist selber, weil es einfach besser schmeckt.

  6. Die Gewürzgurken gibt es in meiner Gegend in Deutschland auch. Vielleicht ist es eine regionale Sache, aber hier im Nordwesten deutschlands gibt es sogar auf verschiedenen Märkten/Kirmes Stände die große Gurken für 1,5€ das Stück verkaufen, meist in 5-6 verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen (und Knoblauch ist immer dabei). Komm uns doch mal im Norden besuchen^^

  7. Ich habe mal für eine Party Root Beer bei amaon bestellt. Ich glaube 24 Dosen a 0.355l haben mich unter 30€ gekostet. Das ist nicht super günstig, aber weniger als die Hälfte von 3€. Und man kann die Dosen sehr lange aufbewahren. Wenn dir Root Beer so fehlt, stelle dir doch eine Palette zu Hause in München hin.

  8. Oh Hayley, you are so right. Most of the things are simply disgusting to me as a German guy. When I was in the US in a restaurant, I ordered Root Beer. I thought it was like ginger beer. But yuck es ist pure Chemie. Bäääääx. Of course spices are different in every country. Therefore pickles in Germany will taste different from what you are used to. But there are so many different kinds and brands. Here in Eastern Germany everyone knows the Spreewaldgurke. But from your description it is not what you are looking for. But maybe you should try Salzgurken, they are disgusting. You know why we don't have Mexican food in Germany? Because I don't like spicy food. Baaam. I hope you're having a safe trip now. When you're back in Germany you can have German food and goodies as long as you want. Oh and to the fundraisers: This is simply not common in Germany. Fund raisers work different in Germany. Like in school it is common to have a Kuchenbasar. The kids are selling self made cake. This is really good stuff. But I've never seen people do fundraisers like in Murica. And if you'd try it, hardly anyone would buy it, because we are simply not used to this kind of fund raisers.

  9. I lived in the US for a couple of years, and yes I miss some of the food! I order things online but like you said, they're expensive.

    Hell yes, garlic dill pickles: (this store ships from France and you get your order pretty quickly).

    I also order here from Switzerland, they have a huge shop: (they take a bit to ship, 2 weeks on average, but they somehow ship it so you never pay customs tax even though the store is located in Switzerland).

    I miss Taco Bell, and somehow Mexican food never took off in Germany, I don't know why. I know where one is, but it's on a US military post and not accessible to civilians. So near and yet so far, haha!

  10. Germany (rural areas, not big cities) celebrates thanksgiving as well, Erntedankfest/Thanksgiving is not an american tradition, you just blew it out of proportion.

  11. I'm German and spent quite some time in the USA (mainly FL & CA). I've noticed that the major difference is due to the chloride in water. Most soda in the US have this chloride taste. The big soda brands have their recipes and just add the local water. Every thing else that contains water has that chloride taste, too. After a while I got used to it and stopped noticing it. Coming back to Germany the lack of chloride (at least much fewer of it) is very noticeably.

  12. ich finde hier keine sunkist grape soda. deswegen muss ich immer ca ne halbe stunde zur kaserne fahren 😀 wäre es doch einfach nicht so verdammt lecker :/
    b..b..but hayley you dont need a food processor to make salsa- you lazy girl 😀
    there are a few mecican restaurants here but there are really rare

  13. The food that i miss the most is Humus from Israel. Yes, you do get Humus here in germany and its not good. Lately Lidl has a nice one which i buy quiet often. Its just not AS good as the one from Israel. Plus that white fluffy bread that you dip in the Humus. hhmmmmm delicous. They have many different kinds with toppings. My fav was the one with the salsa topping. Yummy.

  14. I wish you a safe and lovely flight! <3 I also haven't been able to find good salsa here, but I make everything myself, haha. I know buying a good processor is annoying but I literally use it everyday. I mix my baking there, cut my onions, make peanut butter, veggie burgers, banana ice cream, hummus and salsa xD, I don´t know how I lived with out one before!

  15. Try leipniz kekse with chocolate topping on and then just add the marshmallow… Its not the same sure, but itll get u there…
    Pickels are regional food here in Germany meaning that for example Spreewald gurken come in such a variety im pretty sure ull find something very close to your pickels.. And finding mexican food in germany is hard.. Normally its just more expensive or just a franchise like epitas..
    Love your videos have a safe flight.

  16. omg you can eat 5 smorres? i had them for the first time during my Las Vegas holiday. I was able to eat 2…and i was stuffed and i loooooooove to eat sweets. lol i can eat everything a whole chocolate in 5 minutes and crave more but that, omg, that was way to much. dont get me wrong, it was amazing but gosh, so sweet.
    Have a good flight to your second home, Hayley. Bet Michi is soooo happy to have you back in his arms.

  17. There's a Taco Restaurant with other Mexican Food in the Zweibrückenstraße in Munich!! It's called la Taquería or in the Augustenstraße the Burrito Company.

  18. Germany doesn't have girl scouts because we don't serparate them by gender in the first place. Pfadfinder (Pathfinders) is what we call them and they can be joined by all the genders.

  19. To be honest, Mexican food never impressed me much in the States.
    I found it rather bland and overly reliant on cheese.
    Tapas really are more like it as far as I'm concerned.
    Or some Vietnamese street food. Yum.

  20. I have visited 3 Mexican restaurants in the south-west of Germany recently. How authentic they are, I can't really judge but in one of them there were Mexican waitresses working. That one is in Heidelberg and the other ones, which had a native German staff, are in Heilbronn. Both small cities in the state of Baden-Württemberg, neighboring Bavaria to the west.

    I suspect that the bigger one in Heilbronn is probably not very authentic. I overall liked their food, but when I ordered baked potato skins as a side dish, what I got were basically German Bratkartoffeln with the skins still on. That doesn't bode well for the authenticity of the food in general.

    The one in Heidelberg is probably more authentic, but I didn't order potato skins there.

    The second one in Heilbronn is more of an hipster student cocktail bar wich also served supposedly Mexican food. They're more about the cocktails and the food is more of an afterthought though and the selection is not very big. The portions are big though and it didn't taste bad. The service was atrocious and I had to wait forever for my food to arrive. Could have something to do with me being an ugly old cave troll who came in alone to eat and not fitting in with their manbun wearing hipster crowd. So it is entirely possible that they would treat you better if you checked them out.

    There is a online store called "" that imports and sells typical American food stuff you usually can't get in Germany. They don't have everything of course, but at least you can get root beer a little cheaper than at the gas station or kiosks there.

  21. You must try more pickles in Germany. I am sure that you will find one that is similar. There are pickles with garlic here. And the pickles of the different brands taste a little bit different. Some are more sweet or sour than others.
    Hard to believe that in Munich is no single Mexican restaurant or a place where you can get Mexican fastfood like tacos, burritos or enchiladas. There s smaller towns in Germany where you can get this.
    I don't know what you need for making a salsa. I am pretty sure you don't need a Thermomix or something like this to make salsa.
    So make salsa for yourself. Even if it is a bigger amount. You can freeze smaller portions. Or you use Einweckgläser. You don't need special devices. There are sites that explain how you can preserve it with different methods and the glasses you can get in the supermarket.

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