Finest Metropolis TO Take a look at IN EUROPE 2018 – Lisbon Portugal Travel Information #Spain #journey

Lisbon quite immediately turned 1 of my favourite metropolitan areas in the entire world and I couldn’t believe no 1 had ever advised me about it. This town is complete of existence, food and amazing folks and I wanted to put alongside one another a journey guideline dependent on my time in Lisbon and Sintra Portugal.

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  1. I’ve seen two videos about Lisbon today both very well done…yours to be honest could have been better if you didn’t constantly show your girlfriend twirling every where. It was so annoying. I had to stop at 4:06. I also don’t need to see her chest every where. Won’t be watching your videos anytime soon.

  2. I'm Portuguese and the "roses" are not roses. That art piece is reffering to the 25th of April. It is one of the most important holidays in Portugal. It was the day when an era of dictarship ended and soldiers filled their guns with flowers to represent peace and freedom.

  3. Bairro Alto just essentially means 'High Neighborhood' because it's sat upon one of Lisboa's most elevated districts. I used to live there on Rua Diario De Noticias just opposite Tasca do Chico. Saudades my beautiful Lisboa.

  4. Hey, great vlog. I noticed a lot of Americans/Canadians in Lisbon when i went too. Friendly people though. First time here as searching videos on Lisbon. Just wondering, what is the song right at the beginning. I always use epidemic sound too but liked the one in your vlog. Can't seem to find it on there though.

  5. 6:35 it is a painting to honor the 25th of april 1974 "Dia da Liberdade" when the portuguese dictatorship ended. Those are not roses those are carnations and they are very important in the portuguese culture. They are a symbol for freedom.

  6. I lived in Lisbon from 2014 to 2018 and I can’t say how much joy it brought me to watch your video! I had tears in my eyes several times! I love this place so much! Miss it like crazy! It’s been an internal battle between going back to visit Lisbon in July or meeting a new place. I love traveling so much, exploring, meeting new cultures, but Lisbon got me for good, and it’s my favorite city in the world! After your video, I’ve decided to follow my heart and visit Portugal in July again! Loved to see you pronouncing Portuguese words! So cute and funny! And how lucky were you to accidentally end up in Bairro do Avillez, one of the several restaurants of the best Portuguese chef, Jose Avilez, awarded with Michelin stars (for Belcanto Restaurant). Anyways, lovely video! Don’t know why it took me so long to watch it! Wish you and Kat were in Bali when I was there. All the best and keep exploring!

  7. If you like adventure and biodiversity where you can find everything in one country go to Colombia: the Most Biodiverse Country in the World by Km². Lisbon can compare to Cartagena in Colombia, World Heritage.

  8. I felt let down of Lisboa. Maybe is a city to visit like tourist, with very interesting places, but to live I don't recommend do it there. I lived around 4 months, and It's a city with low salaries and very high leasing to rent some room and impossible ask for rent an apartment. It`s a city with so many agressive africans in everywhere, including the subway; so many homeless people, overall beside of the supermarkets, asking for money, and of course, outside of the touristic zones. The portuguese people are kind and educated, but mirthless. Sad all time. Drug dealers everywhere, and in sight of the police, who does nothing. The bairro alto, the only important place for parties and drinks in the city, is small, dirty and ugly compared to other major capitals, and public transport is bad, especially if you live outside the center and you have to go back at night.

  9. Never ever speak Spanish in Portugal if you're not a native Spanish speaker yourself. It's a huge cultural faux pas around here. I don't go to Italy and speak French nor I go to France and speak Spanish, so why will someone speak Spanish in Portugal? They are totally different languages people. You end up being rude as f** if you do it.

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