Filip Motovunski – My Journey to South Africa (online video)

Consider a few times and let me present you a little bit of South Africa and the great moments I’ve had in Johannesburg and Pretoria with Bass Communion crew symbolizing Membrain Festival(Cro)!

Tunes in Online video:
Filip Motovunski – Shakka (BPM Rec.)
Filip Motovunski & Strapazoot – Smoke’m (Jabbaton Rec.)
Dezarie – Gracious Mama Africa
Gorillaz – Saturns Barz (Filip Motovunski Remix)
Filip Motovunski – Combination (Poor Flavor Recordings)
Filip Motovunski – Lion King
some great ol’ Hip Hop


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  1. I'm following you since PCP was first time on freestyle radio radio show where I used to send texts with nick Deda,not sure if you remember it was back in myspace days xD Just wanted to let you know I'm so proud how much of a progress you make and how much your work evolved over the years, yet you didn't change your character like most people do. Keep going,vlog was amazing I watched until the end! Peace

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