Fernando Alonso’s Digital Hot Lap of Spain | 2018 Spanish Grand Prix #Spain #travel

Nearby hero Fernando Alonso is your digital tour tutorial of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on F1 2017 from Codemasters.

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  1. It's an ok circuit to watch, but my memories of driving it in games aren't that happy. It's one of those circuits where I couldn't judge what the optimal speeds and corner entries/exits were. Circuits like Spa, Monza, both old and new Hockenheim and Suzuka, you know exactly what you need to be achieving through every part of the circuit. But, like the Hungaroring, Barcelona always feels weird.

  2. He does short pauses between braking/accelerating. He's just strolling. In a real race, you wouldn't be able to spot the pause between breaking and accelerating.

  3. Folks, there are plenty epic 2018 mods out there for the game, just acknowledge a creator, plug it in and get a better experience. Work with this community: I'm sure they'd be delighted to help.

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