Join us as we visit all the highlights and safaris of South Africa. What is possible to do in one trip? A sightseeing compilation to give you an idea what South Africa is like. Also a complete travel guide with ideas if you ever going to visit South Africa.

Feel what it’s like in South Africa in one trip is a compilation of our trip in South Africa. Links to the entire playlist will appear at the end of this video.
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🖐 Hi everyone! For the people who don’t know us yet, we are Bastiaan & Yolanda. We are originally from the Netherlands. We have met each other in Spain in 2010 where we lived at that moment.
Decided to go back to Holland again where we got married in 2014.
Still very much in love! If you think a little bit too much, well that’s just the way we are 😉
Also we love sharing our passion of travelling. This #travelvlog started as a hobby and we met a lot of people during our travels. We decided to share our travel experience with other people who can’t travel but still want to see the world. But also for the people who can travel to give them some ideas for their next travel destination. We already have been traveling to over more then 50 countries together. We like it so much that we decided to sell our house and go traveling non stop.
Do what we love the most and still learning every day.
We are very thankful for this opportunity and everyday we are aware that life is just one big adventure!
Thank you all for you support! 🌹


I’m letting go by Josh Woodward
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A good day on the African planes by Doug Maxwell & Media Right Productions
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The chase by Purple Planet
On the wing by Purple Planet

Various tracks from the Matsamo Cultural Group
DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare to have personal permission to use their music throughout my videos.



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  1. amazing video. Loved watching all the animals..I never think of penguins when i hear Africa. I hear people run into all sorts of animals when they are driving around in South Africa, and i did see that happened to you guys as well..One day I will be there.. 🙂 and i will check back on your video list ..to guide me – Oodle doodle Coloring 🙂

  2. Again a wonderful travel guide. Was absolutely amazing, really appreciate all the works you put on the editing we can see the massive work. I’m so amazed of the wildlife you’re saw, that must be really wonderful. Your choice of music was perfectly cordoned with the country. And omggggg you seriously jump? How it was guys? What kind of feeling you had at this moment? Thanks for this video you seriously make us travel with you ❤️❤️

  3. What a trip!! Such suspense too with the bungee jumping, how did it feel on your way down? That rope didn't look too convincing with those three men pulling you up. Cave was nice. Penguin shots close up so nice too with the ending of Cape Town and surroundings. Great video!

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