Fears Before Leaving on an International Trip | VENICE BEACH | Ep 2

This series is about how I traveled the world on $12,000 for 12 months after I quit my job in the US to travel internationally as a solo female traveler.

What to do in Venice Beach, California. My last day at home, a quick tour of my favorite spots in Venice Beach, California. I’m gonna miss this place. I quit my job, sold my car, moved out of my apartment and now it’s game time. It came so much quicker than I had anticipated, there is really nothing I could have done to actually feel ready for this. I’m on the ride – let’s see how this turns out…

Travel Footage Shot Entirely with a GoPro as a solo female traveler

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  1. This is how we feel with our plans to travel the world..like a roller coaster ride. We are selling of the house, all our stuff and off we go…except in our case we are 50ish with 2 teens…We really don't know exactly where we are going except for some ideas where we would like to go. We are watching videos like yours, learning all we can in the next year before we depart. Yikes! We better hang on I'm sure lol 😉 Loved this video. Melody

  2. Good video but turn the background music down and it will be a lot better. Hope you enjoy it all. I am now 7 years living in Indonesia. Great place but I think I might do a stint in Vietnam from next year. Been there twice this year and loved it.
    Good luck

  3. I'm curious, did you go to college before you traveled ? If so was it like a 4 year college or community college ? I'm just started watching and I'm loving the series so far as this is my dream and everyone tells me it's impossible unless i work for my entire life and then go on a trip in like my retirement or something, but i want to do it while I'm still young and free

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