Farmer Falls Victim to Hippo's Rage | Fatal Attractions

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  1. According to the newspaper stories Els body was found sometime later submerged in the river. Not pulled out after the attack as this shows. Also no mention of a nephew being attacked. I guess the real story wasn't Hollywood enough.

  2. not all hippos can be like gentle giant jessica !!!!!!!! what a unique beautiful beast
    but thats probabyl 1 in a 10000000 ore so
    hippos kills more humans then tiger lions bears ANYONE !!!

  3. This is the legal definition of when cuteness overload goes horribly wrong. Hippos have round babyish looks that attract people. These animals can get up to 4 to 6 tons. That's 8 to 10 thousand pounds. Folks don't. The hippopotamus is a wonderful creature in its OWN habitat. It's not a pet.

  4. When I saw pictures online of the owner (rip) riding on Humphrey back like a horse and I knew the owner was going to die one day due to his hippo. This is before I read that the hippo’s owner was already dead.

  5. Dude, maaaann, come on, idiot, the ONLY time a human can bond with a hippo, is when they are first born or very very soon afterbirth, as hippos do imprint, there are cases like Fiona the hippo and there was another similar case, Jessica, but that is the only way humans can bond with hippos, but typically they are very very territorial, and defensive,

  6. And even domestic dogs can turn on their owners, it's a crap shoot
    Why I only keep lil dogs , I used to feed baby ducklings occasionally with duck food and when they got adult, I stopped, the gaggle would run towards me wanting food but I wouldn't, and eventually they stopped and went about their business

  7. The problem is that they raise these wild animals as babies and think they are pets , which they are , Up to the point when they grow up, but again you see stories of Jessica the female hippo or that lion that met its "owners " from way back when or that guy who had a pet croc, and they think that it's the same for everyone, it's tempting and wondrous to think you have a wild animal as a pet who knows and loves you, but then you drop your guard because they are Wild Animals and tragedy sometimes occurs

  8. The noises he mad when he was eating the apple pissed me off. (Don't ask why) He was just standing there eating a apple knowing there are people persons yelling at him to move his lard ass.

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