Exclusively Detailed Burj Khalifa Apartment

Locating a two bedroom F type apartment in the Burj Khalifa with a complete fountain perspective is like finding a 4-leaf clover. What is improved than that is finding just one that is vacant on transfer and in the most pristine condition.

There is a cause why this is what everybody wishes to have! You could be asking what is so specific about the F type two bedroom vs the other out there two bedrooms in this masterpiece of a tower. Well it’s like comparing a Rolls Royce to a BMW. They are each cars and trucks but they cannot and should not be classed in the same bracket.

If you acquire a instant to review the ground system you will see a symmetry that just doesn’t’ exist somewhere else in Dubai. The learn bedroom is separated from the second bedroom by the big open living house in the centre of the household. This is for sure exactly where citizens and their fortunate company will congregate to get pleasure from the most extraordinary views of the Dubai Fountain via the huge complete height home windows.

Each bedrooms are of study course en-suite and the learn also arrives with a double door entrance, a sizable wander-in closet, and a Jacuzzi soaking tub.

The kitchen is central to the rest of the house and is thoroughly equipped with Meile and Sub Zero Appliances.

Whilst living in the apartment occupants will have effortless manage over the ambiance via the Burj Khalifa good household procedure. Lighting, Temperature, Seem, Environment, and Security are all regulated and adjusted with the faucet of a button.

Outdoors of their properties, citizens of the Burj Khalifa get pleasure from a life-style compared with no other. There are various spas and fitness centers, as perfectly as out of doors lounge decks, citizens-only personal lounges, a library and the Burj club, which provides associates with accessibility to a point out of the artwork physical fitness centre with out of doors tennis courts.

The apartment is proprietor occupied and we are pricing the property to market. Critical purchasers will be taken at their term. My advice… Arrive and acquire a look. You will not be let down.

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  1. Skyscrapers on a desert looks like post apocalyptic landscape. It looks dead and like a forgotten abandoned city. And if you like to live among the wealthy, try Hongkong or NY or Singa. These are cities with the most millionaires. Forget dubai.

  2. What to do with a luxury apartment in a country where everything is forbidden, sex, alcohol, speed. These countries have nothing for Westerners who already live in countries where there is little more authorized.

  3. Fuck that! I invested in several properties in Dubai and it’s a shithole to say the least…. they sell you an image that doesn’t exist and will never realistically be a free society. It’s half ass liberal/conservative Muslim country with strict laws. The real estate market has also been garbage for the past 7 years.

  4. Where is the Gaming Room? where is the PCs? wheres the Racing Game PC/room setup? where is the Virtual Reality room? what? where is the pool and sauna? you cant call it a luxury house without these, wheres my personal bar? my own Anime Room? i mean i got to have some alcohol tto enjoy when im Playing a Truck simulator or drinking with friends in virtual reality, wake up people, its 2019 , you guys dont know how to live your life, the way i see you guys live your lifes is extremely boorring lol. is Clubbing and smoking weed and listening stupid dubstep or other crap and when your not high as fuck, you look at stupid memes on youtube and social media? is that the only thing people do nowdays? exept the rich, they have diffrent lives, as shown on this video… sigh world is insane nowdays… why are you all so fucking weird

  5. Dubai isn’t just focusing on the their infrastructures. They are doing many things for the people and creating many jobs. However, facts are right and 2008 hit us hard. I honestly believe that Dubai will become stable in a few years seeing that Dubai has Financial support from Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that UAE armed forces are in Yemen and it’s costing so much money

  6. Paris is the most visited city in the world. A city with thousand years of history built by reliant people. Not a fake city built in the middle of the desert full of shopping mall own by a middle-age mindset civilisation. Please fire your cameraman and editor. Wait for 2022.

  7. The fact that this place is only 1,36m usd is insane, and proves that you can’t force developement. an appartement of that size with those commodities would be upwards of 10million in a city like hong kong or new york. all those shiny skyscrapers in dubai are empty, and real estate prices have been rapidly declining for years… i’d much rather live in a city like hong kong, a place with a soul, vibrant culture, diversity, beautiful nature than in an artificial gold plated amusement park in the desert

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