Exactly where did the heroes go? … South Africa


  1. The libral dutch afrikaners are traitors and cowards who brought their communist buddies into power!!In todays scumbag afrikaans newspaper,Rapport,they spell out that the BLF are training the blacks to wipe out the Boer people!!!Now you can see the position, the cowardly Afrikaners have created for the Boers in SA!Nothing must surprise you anymore about coward Afrikaners!You will see a lot of traitors in the nearby future.The communist are coming for those libral,dutch Afrikaners!

  2. The ANC changed provisions for citizen's arrest and justifiable homicide, as they were laid down in the "old" Criminal Procedures Act.

    What happened on the video is theft from a person and common assault. No weapons were visible.

    In terms of the current ANC concept of law and order, and integrity of one's person, no force may be used to protect one's property, and only " proportionate force" to protect one's person.

    The national police commissioner and the minister of police, now limit a victim's "proportionate force" to bare hands, against knives, panga's and guns used by criminals.
    By refusing self defence firearms licences to law abiding citizens in one of the world's prime crime ridden countries. Served by a mostly useless police force.
    And only while the attack is in progress, or imminent. Once the scumbags run away, the attack is over. No force of any kind is permitted by our government.

    If you do otherwise, the scum may hurt you in self defence, and they will get away with it. You however, won't.
    You will be arrested and charged, and pay a fortune in legal fees. And if you are lucky, a fine. If not so lucky, gaol.
    Bye, bye any chance of getting an emigration visa, as you will be a convicted criminal with a record.

    How do you rate your chances as a white, when 2 people were sentenced to 18 years in prison, solely on the evidence of one single witness.
    This witness was rated as a very poor quality one by the court, as he kept changing his "evidence".
    He was also known to the police as a habitual liar and a "serial witness".

    BUT, hey, the accused were whites, and the victims and the witness were blacks! That must be worth something….

    Guilty as charged, in the interest of non racist, democratic impartial justice! And the ANC, of course.
    Cannot let these whites off the hook, for something they did not do. What would Cyril and the ANC Politbureau make of THAT??

    To top it off: the one and only witness confessed and admitted that he was drunk at the time of the alleged offence, and nowhere near the crime scene.

    Small detail, don't let that get in the way of a good court case!

    Ordinarily, an appeal would be lodged immediately and the prisoners released on bail pending the hearing.
    The court refused leave to appeal, and the Chief Justice now needs to be petitioned for leave to appeal.
    And all the while, these unfortunates rot in gaol!
    Only in non racist, democratic Mandela inspired South Africa. What's not to like?

    A white woman, who had been freshly robbed by blacks and was traumatised, called a black names. That is a charge of "crimen iniurua" or unseemly, insulting language. Normally done away with with a stern warning or at worst a 50–100 Rand admission of guilt fine.
    Not if you are a white woman in SA, she has an effective 3 year gaol sentence, without the option of a fine.
    These 3 people had no prior criminal record.

    I would suggest, that going to court as a white in SA would justify a reasonable apprehension of bias. How do you rate your chances?

    The current crime situation is a deliberate construct by the ANC. They also deliberately removed remedies to deal with it, pending arrival of the police.

    And: the national top cop decreed that he will not issue self defence licences anymore. Not enough crime to warrant one.

    And a superb, world class police force to do the honours under his ANC inspired leadership. And: what civilised first world country issues self defence licences to law abiding citizens to protect themselves? It will only upset rapists, killers, robbers and other worthy citizens?
    Don't let it be said, that the ANC does not jealously protect their human rights, that irate and desperate victims no longer care about.

    Want to hang yourself and your family out to dry to help a stranger, think hard and objectively. I would not rely too much on the hot air from gamers and mall

    If you have any vocational or professional skills, you should not be in SA.
    Safest bet is ,to remove yourself and your family from the risks of living in this paradise.

    With the disarming of security companies, the ANC has just made SA that much more dangerous for decent people, and more agreeable to scum.

    Why are you still here? What must this government, from the presidents down do to make it clear that if you are white, they want you dead.

    Jump out of Cyril's frog pot, before he brings it to the boil, as he said he has been busy doing since 1993, or thereabouts. Stay safe!

  3. Scott let me explain why they drove away. Sad, but this is the way the Communists have changed SA in 25 years. If those people got out of their cars to help, they may be injured meaning their medical aid will not pay. Their cars may be damaged meaning the insurance will not pay. If they succeed and kill or injure the attackers, the police open a case docket AGAINST THEM and they will have to appear in court and be dragged through the mud as we have seen recently in Coligny. Then the families of the attackers get free lawyers to sue the White people and they are "assisted" by the EFF. The government have deviously moved to protect criminals and this started with Mandela saying people must not be shot for property. Let me tell you what should have happened, legally. The people in the cars should have got out and knocked the shit out of them then handed them over to the police. If they pull a gun or knife, shoot them dead and that is the end of the story – no more court cases. If they are in police custody, then court case, guilty verdict, 5 years hard labour for assault and robbery. No appeals, no free lawyers, no political intervention.

  4. Its a known fact that robbers carry guns and the average man on the street like those car drivers dont . So , in a second you must decide to intervene , unarmed and possibly get shot , or at least knifed in the guts , like what happened to a friend of mine . He was on deaths doorstep for 2 weeks but made it in the end . I saw a white guy being beaten base ball bat style in Cape town and found out it was a drug deal gone wrong .
    Some of us have wives and children to protect and the chances of being killed are already high. Why get into such dangerous situation. At least record it but stay back UNLESS you have a weapon and know how to use it . This is not a bar fight where you are pissing me off and we get to fisticuffs and settle the score after which we go our own way , no this is filthy murderous crime.
    Each of us has an experience we are angry about . The day the war starts we will turn psychotic as a collective and all hell will break loose with masses of deaths . We dont like to fight and our consciences bear witness to that , but when we are cornered like now , it will take just a small spark to start the blaze. Enough is enough.

  5. Slapgatte, yes Scott I feel ashamed. I'm sorry to say there is a generation that is missing, well something is missing, I'm a woman but I would have hit him with my handbag. People stop dying on your knees and fight on your feet, Father helps those who helps himself and others.

  6. sorry i watched the cctv video twice from a cam view and only saw 2 cars get out of the way which is a safe thing to do as no life is worth a cell or a wallet. The vic was robed and in SA is the least concearne SAD but TRUE

  7. Maybe only coward whites are left, the brave who would have fought have fleed, just the white sheep for the most part are left, and they, innocent as they are might be slaughtered.

  8. Weak men make hard times. Hard times make great men. Great men make good times. Good times make weak men. Weak men make….etc…etc. Your great men are coming. A true leader will emerge. Unfortunately your weak men symbolize your plight. Return to your bibles. Return to your faith. Return to what made you great. It was not political correctness. Your great leader is about to emerge.

  9. They are the ones who look the other way and screaming for help from out theire living rooms sitting on couches with a brandy in the hand calling it a lekker lewe!! By now he should have had some weapon to just climb outbof his vehicle and assist the victim…no L or mentallity there Scott.

  10. Man if I where there I would’ve smashed those two faces in for attempted murder on a not a white skinned man but a vulnerable human being because the police and army are nou unfortunately in the hands of the communist forces

  11. Scott unfortunately the real heroes of Suid Afrika don’t exist anymore because for me personally my heroes in Suid Afrika is Gandhi ji the father of my Hindustani people, Paul Kruger, christiaan de wet, niclaas janse van rensburg, Louise Botha and Piet retief it is sad ☹️ to see bystanders just doing fuck all about it that is why we want to see Zuidland as soon as possible

  12. People are so scared, will the law be on a good Samaritan's side if he comes to his aid? Criminals are free to attack & shoot as they please, it's the law abiding citizen that has to go through the trauma of being scrutinised by a heavily biased "justice system" welcome to a communist shit hole.

  13. It got nothing to do with cowardice. These people are violent and would kill anyone standing in their way. It’s happening in South Africa. It’s like saving someone from drowning and then you drown yourself.

  14. It was already like this right after apartheid ended. My father was attacked around '96 in Kimberly in the middle of the CBD in broad daylight, and not one helped him. In contrast, at the age of 14 I was once mugged in the CBD of Kimberley by a gang of 8 tsotsis, in this case, a huge black man about the size of Big Daddy Liberty helped me out. Will never forget the man, as he is as salt for preserving me from bitterness towards the majority.

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