European Coaster Tour Vlog #3 – PortAventura in Salou, Spain #Spain #vacation

What an wonderful working day we had at Port Aventurain Spain! This is a stunning park!

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  1. I've seen on-ride reverse POVs of Furius Baco. Definitely a head banger, but it looks more tolerable if your head can reach over the restraints. There was a video I saw of a kid riding it and geez, I felt bad for him.

  2. Hey Logan! Glad you guys are having fun here in Europe!

    Just a few tips for Mirabilandia, cause I know you'll be going there in a few days time, and I used to go there every once in a while:

    1. Once you're in, head straight for iSpeed and Divertical, since they have pretty bad capacity and they build up lines pretty fast.

    2. The Eurowheel Ferris wheel is great for pics and ride footage, but don't count on it being open. Even a gentle breeze can be enough to shut that thing down. The monorail is also really good for the same reason.

    3. Expect Divertical to go down at least once. That thing is really unreliable.

    4. The brakes on their wild mouse Gold Digger slam you incredibly hard, so if you brace for it, you should be fine. Other than that, it's a really wild Wild mouse.

    5. DO. NOT. SKIP. RESET. It's an interactive shooting dark ride which is located in a pretty isolated area of the park, far off from any other rides. The park map should help you find it. It is the best themed ride in the park, which isn't really saying much, but it's worth checking out. Don't expect to be blown away by it or anything.

    6. On the topic of shows, the only ones I really would recommend watching are the Hotwheels Stunt show and the diving show, other than that their other shows are just OK.

    Hope you guys have fun, enjoy Italy, and I'll see you guys in Blackpool!

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