Epic Patagonia Highway Trip 2019: Torres del Paine, Chalten, Calafate

Spending 2 months in Patagonia was road tripping down extended dusty grime streets and across scenic country borders. It was hiking up mountain ridges, kayaking via glacial lakes, and resting in flower fields. It was 70km/hr winds whipping via my hair, wind melt away on my encounter, and the the greeting of a lot of sunrises and sunsets. It was earning new friends in little mountain side towns, and it was chasing down 10pm dinners with Patagonia beers. It was the place hiking boots had been stylish to use any where, and it was how I spent some of the best times of my lifetime.

Enjoy the movie for my whole recap of Torres del Paine, Chalten and Calafate!

www.lustfortheworld.com for my itinerary.


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